TimeBucks Review | Is TimeBucks Legit? Full Money Making Guide

TimeBuck review legit or scam

TimeBucks Review | is Time Bucks Real or Fake?

In the TimeBucks review, we teach you all the ways to earn money. You will learn how to use this platform and how to make money fast.

Timebucks is a multitasking site where its users can earn money online in different ways. Whether with offers, tasks, surveys, registrations, or downloads… you will be accumulating cash that can be exchanged in your electronic wallet. It is known that this company became known at the beginning of 2017 and since then many proofs of payment have been shared on the network. Being valid for everyone, we decided to give it a try and see if it really pays.

One of its most important features is that it allows us to earn money in various ways.
We will be able to earn income by doing surveys, watching videos, doing mini-jobs, clicking on ads, and other ways.

Another important thing is that it has a lifetime referral system, with which we can get 15% of your earnings. Timebucks also offers daily and weekly contests that offer good pay.

Would you like to know the platform in more detail? So follow us on this post. We do a complete review of this platform. I am going to share with you my experience with this website, and the positive and negative points. Is it really worth it? Join me to discover it.

What is TimeBucks?

Timebucks was launched in the market in 2017. It belongs to the Australian company: Australian Clearing Pty Ltd. Timebucks belongs to the GPT category since it allows us to earn money by completing various tasks.

It has various payment processors, such as Payeer, Bitcoin, AirTM, Skrill, and others. In addition, it has a referral system without a limited time. The platform is in English. But you can easily use it by translating it into Spanish with the Google Chrome browser translator, or with other translators.

The platform is available for all countries. These include Spain, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, the United States, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, and others. plus.

How Many Dollars Will They Pay Me Just to Register?

Timebucks is a very complete multitasking platform in which you earn money in various ways and that is always incorporating new features to earn in an entertaining way today it continues to pay on time. Best of all, it is available in all countries.

If you are one of those who are looking for pages with a lot of possibilities to earn money, Timebucks is your site since individual work is rewarded with daily, weekly, monthly and annual bonuses, what more could you ask for? Also just for registering they give you $1, isn’t it great?

Analysis of Timebucks

Rating: Good! My review of TimeBucks 7/10

Administration: TimeBucks is owned by LK International Ltd.

Payment method: You can withdraw your earnings by having a minimum of $10 through AirTM, Neteller, Payeer, Skrill, or bitcoin.

Accepted countries: All over the world.

Language: English (Spanish with the help of Google translate).

Referrals: 5 levels deep. We will explain it below.

Bonus: They are giving away $1 to new users registered on the web.

Pros and Cons of TimeBucks

As in all platforms, Timebucks also has things in its favor and things against it.


  • Free registration.
  • Referrals for life.
  • Many tasks are available.
  • Available for all countries of the world.
  • A minimum acceptable withdrawal amount.
  • You can clarify a doubt, or make a query through the chat.
  • Easy-to-use platform.


  • Paypal is not available as a payment method.
  • Some tasks take too long to be reflected in earnings

Create an Account for Free on TimeBucks

As always, the first thing we have to do to start earning money with any website is to register with it. To do it in Timebuck you can access my link and join my team if you wish. Once you have clicked, it will take you to the main page of Timebuck and you just have to click on Sign Up to start filling in your registration data. You can register through Facebook.

Then, if you did not choose the Facebook option and you did it by email, you will have to go to the email with which you registered, because they will send you an email to activate your account, where you only have to click on the link that they provide you and you will have your account activated.

Getting Started With TimeBucks

The first thing we will have to do as soon as we enter Timebucks will be to fill out our profile. Later we will verify our account with our documents to have it fully functional (with all the available tasks) and when you finish we will fill out one more profile, but this time the survey profile, which by the way, in the post about earning money with surveys I give you some tips so that you get as many of them as possible and don’t get “thrown out” in the middle with some “trick” question.

Finally, we are going to download the extension that is totally optional, but I recommend doing it for the simple fact that we earn a few cents, hehe. since for each of these acts that we are going to carry out, they will give us an extra reward. If you don’t want to keep the extension, you can download and activate it for a while until the profit is awarded, and then just uninstall it.

Fill Account Profile

Having the account profile completely filled out will help you, on the one hand, to enter your basic data to later verify and, on the other hand, to indicate your Paypal address to receive payments. We will start first with the profile of your account, so we go to the Setting section of the top menu and after opening the second menu we click on Profile.

When we already have the data entered, we go to Payment Method to indicate our Paypal address where we want to collect the earnings that we are getting in Timebucks.

How to Verify the TimeBucks Account?

Now that you have your complete profile, the next thing you need to do is verify your account. To verify the account you have to upload an image of your identity document and a photo where you appear holding a paper that says Timebucks. For that, we go to the Earn section of the upper menu so that the second menu with all the content opens.

Now we click on Once Off and there we will have the option we are looking for. We will earn $0.20 upon completion.

Note: If you do not verify your account you will not have access to some tasks, such as Selfies.

Download the TimeBucks extension for Chrome

This is a very simple step that will earn us $0.03 very quickly. We have that task in the same section as we were, but just above it, in the AdSwap Extension option. There we will see a green button where it says Download Extension to access it directly. We download and activate it.

Fill Survey Profile in TimeBucks

Now you have your complete profile, your verified account, and the active extension, but there is one of the important points that we will have to fill in; Survey profile. For that, there is no specific section, but when we access the Surveys tab and enter one of the available panels, they will ask us to complete the profile at that moment, before starting the first survey.

We will fill in the profile with our gender, postal code, age, occupation, etc, in all the panels that exist and thus we will be able to have more surveys available. I don’t think it’s necessary to indicate this process step by step, but if you need it you can ask me for help in the comments or by private message.

Getting to Know Dashboard

After registering and logging in to Timebuck, you will be directed to the main page of the site, where you will have access to some information such as:

Referral link

With this link, you can earn commissions when someone registers for it and performs some task or answers surveys on the site.

Request support

It is common to have questions about the site, so this field can be used to ask moderators for help.

Recent activity by other members

In the center of the screen, you can see member activities on the site. The site displays the latest members who are earning money by answering surveys.

Your wallet

Scrolling down a bit you will find the result of your activities at Timebucks. There you will see how much money you have, how much commission you have already earned from your referrals (if you have any), and how much bonus you have already earned.

The platform is very easy to use.

Once you have registered, you will enter the platform’s dashboard.

At the top, you will find information about your profile, such as earnings, messages received, and your user ID. Further down, you will see a menu with all the options you can choose to navigate the platform.

Towards the left side, you will find your referral link. Towards the center, you’ll find information about tasks that other users in the region have completed. And a little further down, you will find more information about your total earnings: bonus earnings, referral earnings, and unpaid earnings.

A particularity of Timebucks is that it offers us various ways to earn money.

How to Earn Money on TimeBucks

In order to receive the benefits of this employment relationship, you must go to the EARN section that corresponds to the tempting offer of earning money. The variety of offers multiplies, which already promises a good future.

Let’s see what are the options that TimeBucks offers you and where you can feel useful and stand out:


Before performing this task for the first time, you must complete your profile first. For this, you will receive a $0.10 reward.

The platform offers you surveys from different panels, such as Your-Survey, Yono Survey Waal, and Pollfish. For each survey, you can earn from $0.10 to $1.

It is no news that paid surveys offer good commissions. That is why the website is linked to various survey panels such as Poll Fish, SaySoRewards, and TapResearch, among many others. It is the section that pays the most.

There is also a submenu called ” Daily Poll “, in which we must answer a single question every day. They usually ask about topics related to TimeBucks and answering it rewards us with $0.01. There is no wrong answer, you win yes or yes.

Unique tasks (Eleven off)

These tasks can only be executed once. However, they are very well paid. They basically pay you to follow them on their social media and help spread the word about their brand.
You will get paid for liking their Facebook page, subscribing to their YouTube channel, installing their browser extension, and so on. The best-paid task is to make a promotional video tutorial about the company, for which you will be paid $3.

View Content

When you enter this section, you will find on a left side menu, the different ways available to earn money. These are the categories you will find there.

There are many offers on the web and some only last a single day. To make a little money you enter the page and solve the requirements of a captcha. A series of images will come your way and you only have to activate Next.

Watch Videos

A simple option to earn money by viewing videos. Really what can be won is little, between $0.001 and $0.02 depending on the duration.

Take Photos

In this section, there are some conditions. Confirm that you are the operator and upload a selfie with a badge that says TimeBucks. You can receive the reward in two ways, let’s see: Per daily selfie photo: $0.01. For 90 consecutive days: an additional $3. For 180 days: $5. For one year: $10.

In relation to photographic material: you should not leave a day without uploading a photo, because if you do not you will lose what you have accumulated.

Ofertas (Offers/Offerwalls)

You will find a wall of offers where you can earn by downloading applications, registering on websites, giving clicks, etc. To complete these offers, you must follow the instructions to the letter, always making sure that they are free offers.

Receive emails

By accepting that they send you advertising emails, you just have to open them and click on them. This activates your remuneration.


Wide variety of games where the requirement is to play for at least 2 minutes to be credited with the remuneration. What is won for each game is $0.001.

Roll (Free Money)

You can earn free money every 24 hours. You just have to hit the “Roll” button to generate a random number with which you can win up to $100. If luck is not with you in this kind of lottery, you will always have a minimum prize of $0.002

Minar BTC (Mining)

You will be paid for mining cryptocurrencies using the processing power of your PC. Simply leave the “Mining” tab active on your PC to start generating.

Every time the system progress bar is completed you will receive $0.002. There are four levels of mining to choose from, the higher the number, the more you will earn, but at the cost of slowing down your PC.


Here you only have to click on the links, on the button: «View». Each ad, it will show how long you have to wait for the money to be counted.

In addition, in the tab where you selected the task, a counter will appear with the time you must wait to receive the reward. When you reach the end, a bell will sound.
You can only do one task at a time.

Slideshows (Slides)

Here you can earn rewards for going through 7 slides. Daily, you will be able to do only 20 of these tasks and 1 every 10 minutes.
To start the task, you must also click on «View». With this task, you can earn $0.001.

Nightfall News

With this task, you will be redirected to another platform.
It all consists of scrolling down to the bottom of the page, clicking on the “Next” button, and waiting 10 seconds.


Here you can earn money for watching videos on Youtube, starting at $0.001. The first thing you should do is click on the button that says: «Start Earning».

To perform the tasks in this method, you must do two things. First, you need to register on the Engagedhits page, to which you will be redirected.

Also, you have to use the Chrome extension for the money to be counted. The platform offers you a video tutorial, so you don’t have any problem installing it.

An important feature of this task is that you can earn money passively, that is, without doing anything in most cases. You just play the video, remove the audio, and do other work in other tabs, while the videos load.

Push clicks

The modality of this task is very similar to those of «Clicks». The only thing is that you will have to activate notifications in the browser, to know when a new ad is available. For each advertisement, you can earn from $0.001 to $0.01.

Remember, you must watch the ad for at least 10 seconds to receive the reward. Earnings for each of these ads will be counted at the end of the day.


In this section, you can earn money for real searches on the Internet, using the platform’s search engine. You can perform 1 search every 30 minutes and a total of 20 every 24 hours. The profit for each search is $0.001.


Click “Watch” and watch the videos for the time stipulated in the instructions. Normally, they are usually 30 to 60 seconds.
For every video watched, you will earn $0.001.


If we go to the next tab, we will find the mini jobs section. These mini-jobs are based on the Figure Eight (formerly CrowdFlower) platform.
This is one of the highest-paying sections on the platform.


The only thing you have to do in this task is to register on the different web pages indicated in the task. For each of these tasks, you will have a certain registration time for the money to be credited to your account. But don’t worry, when you start each task, you will receive the instructions to complete it correctly.
Once you have pressed the “Start Registration” button, the platform will give you 30 minutes to complete the process.

If you do not finish the task in that period and send the receipt, the campaign will end and you will not be able to do it again.

The money for these campaigns can be received up to 4 days after finishing it. During that time, the advertiser will check your registration and approve that you have successfully completed the task.

In case you don’t agree with the result, you can dispute the task and send it to TimeBucks. You can do this in the “Disputes” option.

Tik Tok

In this option, you can earn money through the Tik Tok social network. In «Page Setup», you will be told the steps to follow to earn money in this way. The main thing is that you have at least 500 followers and 4 posts on the profile.


Through the referral system, we can earn money. We will talk about this in another heading later.

Ali Express

Through this option, you can earn money by doing Cashback, that is, get remuneration when you make your purchases online.
Ali Express is American e-commerce.

Links shortener

Timebucks also offers a link shortener to earn money through the traffic your links produce.
You just have to enter the link you want to use in the form and click on “Generate Link”.


Weekly, Timebucks holds a $500 drawing for 30 winners. The draw takes place at 12 am, every Friday. The winners will be those users who get the most entries.
These tickets are earned by performing platform tasks. For every $0.001, you will get 1 ticket, and for every referral, 200 tickets.


Here you are offered a remuneration to upload videos to Youtube.
The page will provide you with the videos that you must first download and then upload. It is important that you have a YouTube account to do this. Preferably, do not use a personal channel, create a special account for this work.

daily contests

Timebucks also has a daily contest, with which we can generate money. The reward will be given to the 5 most active users of the page.
The five prizes are: $20, $10, $5, $3 and $1.

Referrals TimeBucks

The platform has a referral system, which allows us to have referrals for life. In the “Refer” section, we can obtain our referral link, or an option to share it on the social network we want, such as Facebook or Twitter.

We will obtain 15% for each particular profit of our referral. $1.50, when our referral reaches their first $10 for the first time. We will receive 50% for each Roll bonus that our referral earns. And 10% for each deposit that referrals make to their advertising balance.

In the referral tab, we can also find the Roll option, another Timebucks contest. Just by clicking the button with it, you can participate in prizes of up to $50.
The requirement to participate in these draws is that you invite two friends with the link that appears in the roll and each of these makes their first $0.10.

The referral system also offers you a series of very interesting advantages, with them you can also earn and grow. Go five levels deep and understand your referrals and those he brings together.

  • Level 1: 15% commission per direct referral
  • Level 2, 3, and 4: 2% commission for your referrals.
  • Level 5: 1% commission for your referrals.

The Daily Prizes for the Most Active Users Are as Follows:

1 First place: $20.

2. Second place: $10.

3. Third place: $5.

4. Fourth place: $3.

5. Fifth place: $1.

Your effort is well rewarded on this platform, so it’s worth trying hard and seeing if you get some additional prize.

Repayment Program on TimeBucks

The TimeBucks portal pays quickly and correctly with various options for making withdrawals. This is one of the reasons that explain the rapid growth of this portal.

When the opinions of thousands of users who have confirmed that the platform pays correctly are published in forums, the number of registered users on the web has grown significantly.

To collect the earnings generated in TimeBucks through surveys, watching ads, playing games, or referrals, we can proceed to make withdrawals through various options provided by the portal. To make these withdrawals we have to reach the minimum amount of $10.

And there is no need to worry about requesting them. These are done automatically every week, on Thursdays. For that, you have to have reached $10 on Wednesday before 12 noon (New York time).

In order for the money to reach you, make sure you set up your payment method correctly. For them, you must go to the « Settings » menu and « Payment Method «. There you can either choose between AirTM, Payeer Skrill, Neteller, or bitcoin, whichever suits you best.

How Much Money Can You Earn? The Reality

The reality is that it depends on various factors starting from the country and the city in which you live.

Up to the time and interest you devote to doing the tasks. where the most money is earned, about 15 dollars per day, are the most interested in capturing the number of people for their studies. Viewing ads, registering on other sites with TimeBucks, watching videos, and other activities that have logically high earn sure will leave you with about 3 to 5 dollars of income per day, maybe more.

Is Timebucks Legit?

Yes, Timebucks is a responsible page that makes your payments on time. On the Internet, especially on its Facebook page, you will find many proofs that show the reliability of this platform.

If you have made at least $10, and have registered your payment method, each week you will receive your payment safely.

Anyone who has used websites to earn money for a while (like me) knows that not all pages are trustworthy. There are sites that steal user data and also those that work for a while and then suddenly stop, without paying for tasks that have been completed.

The good news is that you don’t take such risks when using Timebucks as it is an established and trusted site. My own experience proves this, as I have always received my payments on time.

Apparently, other users also have a great opinion of the site, as evidenced by Timebucks reviews on the Trustpilot review platform. Out of 996 ratings, 85% were as “Excellent”, 10% as “Very Good”, 2% as “Good”, 1% as “Poor” and 1% as “Very Bad”.

The company that owns Timebucks is called Australian Clearing Pty Ltd., an organization duly registered by the government of Australia. So you can register and start earning extra dollars today, no fear!

Is Timebucks Available in Spanish?

The TimeBucks platform is only available in English. The sections located in the lower menu corresponding to the legal notice and the privacy policy are available in countless languages. But the rest of the main navigation is only available in English.

For users who want to use the platform to earn money and have some notion of the English language, we can confirm that the use is so simple that they can use it with complete peace of mind.

In the case of Internet users who want to use the PTC platform and do not know how to read the basic English language, the recommendation is to use the web with one of the translators available on the Internet.

In general, browsing the web and its options for earning money are so simple that anyone can use it regardless of the language or languages ​​they speak.

Earn more by cheating the system

It is not good for me to tell how to cheat to circumvent the system, mainly because I created this page AdvisesPRO.com to offer my services as a professional, so as a person I have to stick to the principle of truth and a work ethic. Otherwise, how do you oppose my service?

Undoubtedly money is necessary for most human activities, although money is good, and before you find another way, I tell you that you can simulate your location or connection via the Internet in any city in the world.

Thanks for installing an application, software, or program called VPN = Virtual Private Network or Red Virtual Private Rent on your computer or smartphone.

My Opinions About TimeBucks

I consider TimeBucks as the revelation page of this 2017 and it will give a lot to talk about in the future. The payments are good and safe.

They have very professional support that responds in minutes/hours and follows your problem until you solve it. The site is beautiful in design and easy to understand.

And the most important thing is that it offers various ways to earn money and they are constantly adding new ones. Daily one-question surveys are typically about user acceptance of new tasks like sharing Facebook content, subscribing to YouTube channels, and so on.

Do not hesitate to add TimeBucks to your online businesses. Widely recommended. If you don’t have time to do a lot of homework just take the daily survey and watch the content and you will get some pennies every day.

And that’s the end of our entry dedicated to TimeBucks. If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions, you can leave them in the comments, and we’ll discuss them together!


Timebucks is another platform that allows us to make money with many of its functions: paid surveys, mini-jobs, advertising, and video watching. We can earn up to 1 per survey. And their referral system offers us 15% of each guest’s total earnings for a lifetime.

This platform does not use PayPal but includes AirTM, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, and even Bitcoin. It is available in all countries.

The truth is that at first I did not pay much attention to this page but the truth is that you can earn money on a daily basis by performing some basic and daily actions.

What convinces me the most is the multiple ways to earn money that it offers on a single platform, more than 10 ways to generate income that will allow us to obtain profits based on our work.

Timebucks is a very complete page that does not lack anything that encourages us to continue using it every day.

I recommend you put it on your list of daily pages to visit.

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