Mobrog Survey Review: Is Mobrog Legit? How is MOBROG?

Mobrog survey review How much does MOBROG pay per survey?

Mobrog Surveys | What is It and How Does It Work?

We clarify all your doubts about the Mobrog survey platform. How to register, how to work, how much you can earn with this page, etc. We will review how to do surveys; whether it is safe or not; and even, the advantages and disadvantages of this site.

Mobrog is a paid survey platform. Registered in Germany, it belongs to a market research company, and its services are available to various companies around the world.

It is a site that offers various benefits for survey lovers. You can have several surveys weekly, and an approximate earning of up to 5$ (5€), an amount very similar to the Lifepoints page. It does not have any region restrictions like other survey sites. And their website is available in several languages, including Spanish.

In addition, it is a free site with which we can earn a good sum of extra money at the end of the month. A trusted platform, with over three million people currently taking surveys on their panel.

If you want to start working on this platform, but don’t know about it, in this article we will teach you to step by step everything you need to know about Mobrog, to start earning money with it.

What is Mobrog?

As already mentioned, Mobrog is a page that provides people with a different way of working. The theme is simple, a survey is carried out on a specific product, for a certain period of time, and payment is made at the end of the survey.

This survey panel is completely managed by the German company Splendid Research GMBH which has its origins in 2008. The idea of ​​this company is to make it easy for other brands to obtain real opinions of their products.

It has an excellent reputation, which it has been building with a firm hand when making payments. This is something very important to note since many of the websites with paid surveys usually fail to pay.

To this we must add the fact that they have a really acceptable minimum payment, making it a good job option.

Mobrog administrators seek to give users a comfortable and intuitive environment to take surveys more efficiently.

Thanks to this, the perfectly designed interface for this page is incredibly easy to use. Therefore, it makes it possible for anyone to work on it.

Use the most popular payment methods on the web, such as PayPal and Skrill, which are accepted worldwide.

They even have a referral system, if you want to earn a little more money or show this work to someone you know, you can do it. After you submit your personal link and people complete a minimum number of surveys, you can earn a percentage of this. It’s not much but in the end it all adds up.

To get started with this survey page, you simply need to complete a simple registration. Remember that you must register with the same email that you use in your electronic wallets so that you can receive your remuneration.

Main Features of Mobrog

This survey platform of German origin has a good flow of surveys. Therefore, in some cases, it will not be difficult to reach €5 per week. It has a referral system that offers us a reward of €0.80 for each referral who completes 3 surveys.

It has no geographical limitation and makes its payments through Paypal and Skrill. We can withdraw our money with just €5. In addition, it has a mobile application that does not take up much space and allows us to carry out surveys from anywhere we are.

Personal evaluation: 7/10

Payment methods: They pay through Paypal when you reach $5 in your account.

Mobile application: Yes, you can download the app for free to then complete surveys, check your balance, etc. It is recommended to download the application since some surveys are to answer from the mobile.

Language: Spanish, English, and many others.

Accepted countries: maximum

Referral Pay: You get paid $0.80 for each person you refer who completes at least 3 surveys.

How to Register?

To access and start working immediately, you simply have to complete a registration that is as easy as that of a social network. Mainly, you must enter the Mobrog website and click on where it says “Sign up”.

After this, a small form will appear where you must enter your personal data to start the registration. Enter your date of birth, zip code, occupation, education, and other personal information, finally complete a captcha and complete the registration.

After this, you must enter immediately so that the web sends you an email to verify your new account. In the email you will receive, you will find a link with which you can activate the account, you just have to click on it and that’s it.

Once inside your account, the main thing will be to read to understand a little how Mobrog works.

The first thing we find is a 5-minute survey that is not paid, it is very important that we complete it as soon as possible.

With this survey, it is that our tastes will be evaluated to create a specific profile, in this way they will be able to send us surveys that adapt to the profile. As long as you have a more interesting profile for the platform, better surveys will come to you, and therefore you will be able to earn more money.

Now that you have finished with your complete registration, you can start receiving surveys of all kinds. Each survey will have a time limit to be carried out, it will only be enough to fill in the information and when sending it you will receive the specified payment.

After Registration and First Steps

Once registered, the first important step to take will be to complete our personal profile 100%. Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to do it from the beginning, since in this way we will increase the possibilities of receiving surveys exponentially.

We will also find a small 5-minute survey. It is not paid, but it is interesting to complete it to have the profile optimized to the maximum.

In Mobrog there are 10 profile categories.

Completing them all takes around 30 minutes, but it’s really worth it. Although the idea is to indicate real data, depending on our pollster profile, sometimes the best thing to do is to use these little tricks, since otherwise, it is possible that we will receive very few surveys.

Once we have the 100% completed profile, there is nothing else to do, simply wait to comfortably receive a survey in our email.

In this case, we have received a 40-minute survey paid for €3.02. To access it, it is as simple as clicking on the link below the “Questionnaire” button.

As always, the number of surveys that we will receive will depend on our personal profile, so there is no need to obsess about it and we simply have to be attentive to when we receive one. And I say this because surveys always have a maximum number of participants, so it is important to access them as soon as possible before they sell out.

Regarding remuneration, it will depend on the duration of each one. The minimum amount is €/$0.40 and the maximum is €/$3.50.

I put euros and dollars because the page pays in one currency or another depending on our country. For example, Spanish users pay us in euros and Latin American users in dollars.

What Countries Does Mobrog Accept?

People from almost all over the world are accepted on this page because Splendid Research GMBH provides its service to almost all over the world. Therefore, we can find that hundreds of companies send their surveys to be solved with Mobrog .

This makes it possible to accept users from all over the world, and who speak any type of language. The page even shows your information in several different languages ​​so that you can better understand your goal.

Among the Spanish-speaking countries that can access this survey page, are the following:

Costa Rica.
Puerto Rico.
As you can see, the list is very long and includes almost all of Latin America, which is where you can actually earn good money. Because Mobrog has more Spanish-speaking companies that need immediate answers than companies from other countries.

Thanks to this peculiar situation, many more surveys are sent to the countries mentioned in the list above.

The best of all is that, unlike other websites, you can work easily here because it has all its surveys in Spanish.

How It Works and How to Earn Money on This Site

Mobrog works pretty much the same as other paid survey platforms like Ipsos-I-say or Toluna. But its peculiarity is that it is not as demanding with the information of the profile, as other survey pages are. This does not mean that you should not have your complete profile, since, without that information, you will not be able to receive surveys.

This site has three ways in which we can earn money: paid surveys, a referral system, and free contests.

With paid surveys

This is the main way to earn money on this platform. After signing up, we will start receiving surveys.
Every time there are surveys available, you will receive a message in your email, inviting you to participate in them.

Do not wait too long to complete them, since the quotas run out easily. In fact, sometimes you will not be able to take surveys to which you have been invited, even if you enter immediately, since it tends to fill up very quickly.

Another thing that we must take into account is that we will not be able to opt for all the available surveys. That is because, possibly, our profile does not fit the profile that the platform is looking for. This is completely common on survey pages.

In addition, the payment is not always the same for all countries. The same survey can pay $2 for users from the United States, while only €1 for users from Spain. Even so, the earnings are usually quite good, no matter where we are.

Referral system

This site also has a referral system, with which we can earn money by inviting friends or acquaintances. But it differs from other pages in that it doesn’t have a direct invite link. In other words, we can only invite our friends by entering their email in the box shown in the image.

The commission varies from €0.80 to $1.25, depending on the country we are from. To receive any profit from the referral, the person has to register with our invitation, and have completed 3 surveys.

Free Contests

The platform also offers a reward through a free contest that it runs monthly. But the contest is not held on its website, but on its social networks. It is only enough to like the publication, and answer a simple question, and thus we will be participating to be among the 10 winners of the contest. The reward is usually greater than $5.

MOBROG Survey App

One of the most important novelties of Mobrog is that it has developed an app with which we can answer surveys from our smartphones. Very few survey platforms offer this alternative to their users. And Mobrog has it!

The application weighs only 10MB. Its interface is simple, light, and easy to use. In fact, its design is almost identical to that of the web page. You just have to enter with your email, wait for surveys to be available, and start earning money. It is available for iOS and for Android.

Can it be used on mobile?

Being able to take surveys on the go is a great way to earn a little extra money when it suits you. This is why I prefer survey sites that are mobile-friendly.

And Mobrog is very easy to use on mobile as it has its own app that you can download and take surveys.

The app itself is very simple and easy to use, so it won’t take long to figure out how to use it. Basically, you just open it and then click on a survey, if one is available.

You can download it through the Google Play Store and the App Store.

How to Collect Our Money in Mobrog

We will receive a profit after completing each survey, which is not counted with points, but with real money. Like other survey platforms, we have to reach the minimum amount to make a withdrawal, which is €5 or $5.

Reaching this goal is not very difficult, since the flow of surveys is relatively constant, and each one offers a good remuneration.

Regarding the payment method, we can charge through Paypal or Skrill. Or alternatively, we can make donations to EcoMatcher.

Another thing is that Mobrog pays directly to the email with which we have registered. In this way, we must use the same email from our Paypal or Skrill, to earn money. And it goes without saying that they must be verified.

In case our email does not match our Paypal or Skrill address, we can contact Mobrog support, and they will fix the problem.

How Much Money Can Be Collected on Mobrog?

One of the main factors that determine if a survey platform is worthwhile is the profit that we can obtain through it.

On the Internet, there are many reviews, where users claim to have earned up to $3 from each survey. We do not deny that this may be true, but it is not common. Typically, the minimum earnings for surveys have been €0.40 to €1, and at most $2.

Is It Safe to Use Mobrog?

Among all the survey panels that we can find on the internet, Mobrog is one of the safest. Despite its simple interface and its easy way to generate income, it is a completely real page and safe to use.

It has ways to earn money that are really legal since it simply provides a service to other companies. It is based on asking for opinions of any type of thing or article in particular and pays for the unique opinion of each person.

In addition to the fact that its payments are almost instant, this website can be completely trusted and also adheres to several laws. You can work quietly on Mobrog, without fear of it being a scam since it pays 100% of the time.

The best of all is that it is completely safe, since if you wish you can use it as a savings plan. You can accumulate your money in your account and be sure that no one will touch it, and you can withdraw it when you need it.

This is one of the main reasons why this page is so requested by users from all over the world, as well as companies. Since it assures your clients and employees exclusive security so that all assets remain in their place.

The page also has an application that helps you earn a better sum of money by spending less time. Many people do not tend to use it because they think it is a bit insecure, but the reality is quite the opposite.

This app is both simple and secure as all it does is make a stable link to the real page. This means that it is capable of maintaining all Mobrog security protocols, making this website 100% secure.

Mobrog Survey Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It has a minimum payment that is very easy to reach, only €5.
  • Your website is very easy to use, in every way.
  • It has a mobile application, to carry out surveys from anywhere we are, regardless of the time.
  • Available in many countries, compared to other sites.
  • You have two good payment options: Skrill and Paypal


  • There is no direct referral link.
  • It is a bit difficult to qualify for the surveys.
  • It does not have as much flow of surveys as other platforms.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Since you now know how to make money on this platform, what are you waiting for? Sign up, and start doing free surveys!

Mobrog Reviews is It Reliable or is It Legit?

Is MOBROG Survey trustworthy?

We are going to see these questions and more, in this review about this well-known earnings page on the network.

As time goes by, there are more and more ways to generate income from the internet. It could even be said that at least 30% of the people in the world regularly work from their computers.

This percentage has been raised exponentially due to the pandemic that is currently affecting the world. As people must stay at home, ordinary work is difficult to find and the internet became the best option.

A widely used option is to respond to surveys with a general reference and earn some kind of remuneration with it. For this, there is a huge number of web pages that are dedicated to hiring users to answer these surveys.

Surveys are normally sent by all kinds of companies that need to know how to improve their products. It is much cheaper and safer to use a survey website that helps the company to see what its customers want to buy.

In this way, pages like Mobrog were born, which allow you to pay money when you take each survey. Thousands of people currently work on this type of website from their homes and most end up earning a good sum of money.

But is Mobrog really a real functional website?

Many such websites turn out to be fake.

Do not be fooled by web pages that guarantee earnings of thousands of dollars per month, they are usually a scam. The reality is that you do not always earn a large sum of money with these pages, but they can be a great help, especially for those who are in need.

Opiniones Trustpilot Mobrog

How do you get money from mobrog survey?

These are the opinions that we found on Trustpilot, a website focused on giving reviews to various companies in the world, allowing its users to give their opinion and rate it. 72% of the comments that users give about Mobrog are totally positive.

Also, from our own experience, we can say that Mobrog does pay. And on the Internet there are hundreds of people who also testify in favor of this page, showing us their proof of payment. So, it is not a scam, it is a serious company that guarantees security in the collection.

User reviews and comments

Searching the web of networks, I am going to share what Mobrog members are saying. Comments that are part of none other than Trustpilot, an important online opinion community.

• Godwin Azemoje: This is my first online survey earnings and I have informed my friends on social media and elsewhere. It is a very reliable organization. They keep their promises.

• Adriette Benade – I’ve joined a lot of sites that don’t deliver what they promise, but Mobrog sends regular surveys, and payments are made reliably. Thank you!!

• Alex: I am very satisfied with this survey panel. They give us the payment with real money (for my region – USD) it was an instant process. Once your balance exceeds USD 6.25, it can be transferred to PayPal. The claim process is a breeze. Thank you MOBROG.

Does Mobrog Pay? Yes or No? How Do You Pay?

We could already deduce that it does pay. Because it is linked to many laws that fully comply with all its users, this also leads to paying in short periods of time.

At best, the payment could take from one day to the next, which is an incredible advantage over other pages of this type. Since its inception, Mobrog pays its users on a regular basis, and today this has not changed at all.

It also has excellent payment methods that facilitate collection when the minimum amount is reached. Remember that transactions made by PayPal and Skrill are effective immediately, which ensures secure payments.

The time it takes to complete the transaction is merely the time it takes to review the surveys. After this, the payment is secured and will only take seconds to reach our electronic wallet.

In the best-case scenario, your payment will most likely reach you within 90 minutes of being requested. That is one of the main characteristics that favor this page, since the payments always arrive in record time, too.

If what you want is to be sure that it really is not a fraud, you can easily see the payment receipts on the web. Hundreds of users of this page upload their payment receipts to show that it is still in operation and that it is not a fraud.

For this reason, it is really proven that this page pays 100% of the time and has been doing so since its inception.


As we have already mentioned on several occasions, paid surveys are one of the most stable and reliable methods to earn extra money online. In this aspect, Mobrog lives up to expectations and for that reason, we have added it to our online business portfolio.

At a particular level, it is one of the survey pages where I have managed to reach the minimum payment faster without the need for referrals, which is undoubtedly good news for all those who like to work alone.

The fact that the minimum payment is so small for a survey page is a great incentive when it comes to registering. I think that is one of the reasons why the website has achieved so many users in such a short time.

If to all this we add that the website has been paying for several years and that it also does so at an impressive speed, well… there is no other option but to try it and give it a try, right?

Remember that you can register directly or through an invitation link. If you choose the second option, I will be very grateful to you, since you will help me with the earnings obtained through referrals.

Leave a comment below or send me an email in the contact section and I will send you the invitation as soon as possible. Greetings to all and until the next post

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