Is Swagbucks Safe?: How to Make Money on Swagbucks

swagbucks review

Swagbucks Full Review 2022

Today I will show you exactly,  Is Swagbucks Safe? how it works, what you can more earn. Swagbucks has an extensive catalog through which we can make money. In addition to paid surveys, it offers us a wall of payment jobs and offers.

Similarly, we can make money by shopping through the platform’s cashback system. The referral system offers us 10% of each guest’s lifetime earnings. Points can be redeemed for just $ 10 via Paypal or Amazon checks It is available for all countries in the world.

We want to know if Swagbucks is really one of the easiest and fastest ways to make some extra money online for free. One website that is very popular for earning in various ways is Swagbucks, and I have used it for some time in reviewing this Swagbucks.

I will show you exactly how it works, what you can earn, how much you can potentially earn, whether Is Swagbucks Safe? and everything details.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a loyalty and rewards program run by Prodege LLC that gives you gift cards and free cash for everyday activities like watching entertaining videos online, searching the web, shopping, surveying & finding great deals.

Earned points can be redeemed for gift cards at stores like Amazon and Walmart, or PayPal cash back.
Swagbucks gives away 8,000 free gift cards every day.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

Just like registration, making money with Swagbuck’s task is just as easy. All you have to do is click on one of the available surveys and share your opinion and Swagbucks will reward you with a great prize.

It works just like all paid survey sites. If you spend some of your daily leisure time, you can earn a good amount of money. You can redeem this money through PayPal, gift cards for different stores, etc.

There are many types of surveys, such as surveys on products and services, brand recognition, marketing effectiveness, and more.

One advantage of Swagbucks is that if you do not qualify for a survey, you will still receive a small bonus. With this little detail, Swagbucks makes a difference among its competitors.

As I said in the previous paragraph, Swagbucks is basically a rewards program. What it means is that you get rewards in the form of points when you complete a task. The reward or point in Swagbucks is known as SB. 1 SB = 1 cent, so 100 SB = $1 and 1000 SB = $10 . You get SB and redeem for Amazon gift cards and many others or even cash.

For example, if you get 2,500 SB, you can redeem it for a $25 Amazon gift card. With this gift card, you can buy any item you want from Amazon.

However, if you put your gift cards into PayPal, they can transfer them to your bank account, which is basically cash.

Who Should Do It?

You should go through my full Swagbucks review before deciding if it is for you or not. You will also know if Swagbucks is a scam or safe and legit.

Good! Before you get too excited, you need to understand that Swagbucks is not for everyone. Although the tasks are very easy to perform you cannot make much money from them.

So if you are a person looking to earn more than $10000 per month working on Swagbucks, this is not for you. Also, Swagbucks is good for making cash if you live in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Ireland.

You can’t make a living from Swagbucks, but you can at least buy groceries, and gifts for your loved ones, enjoy some outings or celebrate Christmas with the money you make with Swagbucks.

If you’re smart enough, you can multitask while watching TV, cooking in the kitchen, or even brushing your teeth.
So read on!

How Valuable It Is?

Swagbucks is Safe: You just need to do it with the right expectations. They are very transparent about what you can expect and how much time it takes if it’s not for you. That’s fair enough, but they are transparent about it. But if you’re looking for a full-time income, no, it’s not for you.

If you’re looking for some extra free money on the side, definitely it is a legit option and I do love that it has so many different ways to earn, even though it can almost become overwhelming in some countries.

And I do love that it has a low payout threshold and that it does offer to pay out in so many different great ways.

I mentioned, but in many others, it will just take a little bit more patience. But you can still earn some really nice extra money on the side. But it’s not a way to make a full-time income. It’s not a way to become rich or anything like that. That’s very important to understand.

But as a way to earn a bit of extra money on the side without any investment, then swag box definitely is a legit and real option. Overall swag box, in my opinion, is a great get paid to side.

Best Way to Make Money on Swagbucks

Get Your First $50+

If you are a member of Swagbucks and have not yet taken full advantage of it or you are not yet, but you are interested in becoming one, you should read this article.

We are going to give you the keys to start earning money online immediately, without complications, and from wherever you want. It is normal not to know very well where to start.

You usually start with a lot of enthusiasm but are a little lost. Different and varied sections to explore, doubts about the best rewards, and the general functioning of the website.

In this guide, we are going to give you a very complete guide on how to complete the registration process and start earning money. We will give you all the keys to win your first $50+.

We will also do a review where we will see the most frequently asked questions, in addition to reviewing some common ways to earn money online.

Swagbucks Sign-up Bonus of $10

Swagbucks Signup Process

I’m not going to waste your time telling you how to sign up because it’s not a no-brainer. Simply click on this registration link, and enter your email address, name, and password. Your account is created. It is very simple and free!

The first thing is the registration, you can do it from your computer or your mobile. It is a very fast registration, you will only need an email and a password.

In addition, the platform offers you the power to register with Gmail, Facebook, or any other email account. the process is very simple.

Ideally, you should use an email account that you use to check regularly so that you do not miss any of the Swagbucks promotions and news. Once you have created your account, a confirmation email will be sent to the email account you have entered.

Then another email will be sent to you with more information on ways to earn SB, which is what the points are called on this platform. The more you get, the more prizes you will get.

Can You Make Money on Swagbucks: How to Get Started

Once you join, you get 50 SB bonus points without doing anything. Just for motivation as a beginner!

When signing up for Swagbucks, I will recommend that you use the same PayPal email because this email will be the default communication channel between you and Swagbucks. Now you need to start making some SBs.

Just as a precaution, when we use the phrase like earning money or making money, it basically means earning SB.

All the Opportunities Available to Earn Money With Swagbucks. Once you log in to your Swagbucks account, you will be shown various ways to earn money.

Before we delve into the tasks, let us first learn about all the available opportunities through which you can earn money with Swagbucks in general. Then we will talk about it later.

just complete five steps and get $12.90

1. Profile Test

Take the profile test. It takes 3-5 minutes
Total SB earned: 30 SB ($0.30)

2. Complete Offer

Complete the other free offers and you will be reduced to $1.25.
SB total: 125 SB ($1.25)

3. Add a SwagButton

Add a SwagButton. SwagButton is a free extension that you add to Chrome. You can add it in just 2 clicks and you will get 25 SB.
Total SB earned: 175 SB ($1.75)

4. Free Insurance

Get a free insurance offer from Savvy
Get a free car deal from Savvy and get $10 in about 3 minutes.
Total SB earned: 1175 SB ($11.75)

5. Try More Surveys

Try at least 5 surveys.
At least 105 SB in earnings from attempting 5 surveys
Total SB earned: 1,290 ($12.90)

The Best Free Deals You Can Get Now

The Best Free Deals Swagbucks Deals:

  • 300 SB – Enter the AARP Rewards Sweeps & get 300 SB.
  • 75 SB – Get free samples from PINCHme, & get 75 SB.
  • 30 SB – Registration for a free eBook about understanding Psoriasis, & get 30 SB.
  • 150 SB – Get your free credit score from Credit Karma, get 150 SB.
  • 200 SB – Download & play the World War II game Enlisted, get 200 SB.
  • 25 SB – Install & play the game Luck is on Your Side, get 25 SB.
  • 200 SB – Check out mortgage refinance rates, & get 200 SB.
  • 200 SB – Install & play Ace Defender & reach level 4 in 7 days, get 200 SB.
  • 300 SB – Install & play Crossout & win 5 rounds, get 300 SB.
  • 70 SB – Registration for the Sam’s Club newsletter, & get 70 SB.
  • 60 SB – Registration for free samples from TryProducts, & get 60 SB.
  • 25 SB – Complete a survey about Narcolepsy or other sleep disorders, & get 25 SB.
  • 120 SB – Registration for a free eBook about Living Well with Arthritis, & get 120 SB.
  • 70 SB – Registration for a free goodie box from Daily Goodie Box, & get 70 SB.
  • 25 SB – Complete a simple questionnaire to claim free Febreze samples & get 25 SB.
  • 200 SB – &roid users, install the Box Tops for Education app & complete your profile, & get 200 SB.
  • 200 SB – Get a free quote on your home & auto insurance from Liberty Mutual, get 200 SB.
  • 100 SB – Registration for the job get on board & create a free profile, & get 100 SB.
  • 25 SB – Take the ‘Which Classic Comic Strip Character Are You’ Quiz from ArcaMax, & get 25 SB.
  • 50 SB – Registration for a free daily, craft newsletter & free eBook from faveCrafts, & get 50 SB.
  • 150 SB – Install the Peanut app & register, and get 150 SB.
  • 2500SB – Install the Solitaire Gr& Harvest game app & reach round 11 within 14 days, get 2500 SB.

More Process

  • 50 SB – Registration for the free RecipeLion newsletter, get free recipes & get 50 SB.
  • 60 SB – Registration for the free NextDoor app & stay past 30 days, get 60 SB.
  • 25 SB – Registration for the free women’s health newsletter, & get 25 SB.
  • 25 SB – Registration for the free gaming, tech, & finance newsletter The Hustle, & get 25 SB.
  • 200 SB – Install the free app Steady & register today, to get 200 SB.
  • 25 SB – Registration for the Everyday Health newsletter for healthy meatless meals, & get 25 SB.
  • 25 SB – Registration for the Daybreak newsletter, get free Vero Gusto recipes & get 25 SB.

Complete all of these free Swagbucks offers & you’ll get 3,760 SB or $ 37.60. Some of these offers may take more than 7 days to be credited but once completed, the money will appear in your Swagbucks account.

In addition to the offers on this list, there are dozens of other free offers that you can complete to get 2SB to 10,000SB (2 cents to $ 100) on Swagbucks. Many of these offers include signing up for free apps, free newsletters, or free games.

Total SB got: 5,050 SB ($ 50.50)

Best Way to Make Money With Swagbucks

1. Make Swagbucks Your Default Search Engine

The easiest way to make money is to change your default search engine to Swagbucks (instead of Google or Bing). You’ll start accumulating points automatically Connect as usual But use your browser (if you’re worried about performance, it’s supported by Yahoo, so don’t worry).

You can expect to add 10 SB-20 SB Evaluate every 10-20 searches, but the final overall result depends on the search query. After six months of daily searches, this equates to around €300.

2. Complete Polls and Surveys

Enough time, but lack of money? Completing a few quick surveys on Swagbucks daily can be a very good source of low income. It usually takes 3-20 minutes to complete and depending on the survey you will receive around 40 SBs – 100 SBs.

There is also a daily survey to complete that actually takes two seconds and gives you an extra SB.

3. Download Apps and Games to Your Phone

By downloading, installing, and opening certain apps on your phone, tablet, or computer, you can earn a wide variety of points.

While you are sometimes rewarded for simply installing an app, you usually have to take some action, whether it’s reaching a certain stage in the game or depositing money.

Sometimes these options are available through one of Swagbucks’ partners (they’re all legal), but you get paid with Swagbucks anyway, usually Hundreds of WB’s if not more depending on the offer. But as always, we recommend sticking with the free apps first.

There is no point in paying to download or use apps just to make Swagbucks because the money you earn can be much less than the money you spend!

If you’re particularly interested in scouting routes for money, we’ve got a comprehensive guide to the best paying scouting locations.

4. Shop Online and Earn Money

Now, of course, we don’t recommend buying online just to get more points (again, it doesn’t really make sense, does it?). However, if you plan to buy products online, visit the Swagbucks website and start earning points (similar to the major rebate websites).

Get easy SBs from online stores like Adidas, ASOS, and eBay. So before you hand over the money, do a quick search to see if there are any winners on Swagbuck.

For example, at the time of writing, anyone planning a vacation through Expedia can access the site through Swagbucks and earn 4 SB for every €1 spent.

Since vacations are often expensive, you may end up earning penny money. You can turn it into prizes or cash later.

5. Tell Your Friends

By letting your friends sign up for Swagbucks with your referral code, you can earn self-service points while you sleep.

You and your friends will not only receive 300 SB upon registration (as long as you earn at least 300 SB in the first 30 days, you will receive yours) but also As long as your friends are members, they can receive 10% of the income of the SB., what’s more!

In this way, you can passively accumulate points; his friends will, of course, also benefit from it. Another 100 SB When someone you recommend adds SwagButton to their laptop or desktop (use the dedicated link on the invite page).

6. Beware of the Stolen Code

Download SwagButton Browser Extension I received a notification about “stolen code”. Swag codes simply code words or phrases issued by the company to create a buzz on the website and bring members back to the home page.

The notification you receive from the browser extension tells you where to look for the code (on the Swagbucks blog, on the Twitter page, or on Facebook) and enter it in the Swag Code field in the left sidebar of that page one. Super Easy Instant Self Service Points!

7. Reach Your Daily Goals

At the top of the screen, you will see a button labeled “Daily Rewards” that has a “To-Do List” that contains some of the daily tasks that the website recommends for you.

You not only get points for each task completed but also Cross off all bonus points that Appear on your list within a day (or a smaller bonus for completing a certain percentage).

When you enable the Swagbucks Daily Goal option (a button appears in the title), the site sets a self-service destination number to help you reach your daily goal. Get some extra points when you reach your goal!

However, once again, don’t spend your money on daily sales unless you really want to. The value of Swagbucks you get is much less than the money you will pay.

8. Participate in the Competition

If you are lucky enough to enter the giveaway, you can enter Swagbucks for a limited period of time.

The rewards can be anything from tech stuff (like Apple products) to bigger SBs, but keep in mind that this is a bit risky because you really need it. Get the SBs to sign up and Participate in all the games. For example, you can enter a race to earn 50 SBs, but entering a race may cost you 2 SBs.

9. Play Online and on Mobile Devices

Your mobile gaming addiction is finally paying off!

In addition to paying you to download and play games, Swagbucks has a few of its own games (you know which ones since they all have the word “swag” in them…). You can earn a maximum of 10 SB per game Just to give it a try.

However, since some games require you to reach a certain level to get SBs, it pays to be (literally!) good at these things. If general knowledge suits you better, try Swagbucks Live, one of the few live quiz apps that have become the next big thing (HQ Trivia, anyone?).

Participation in the game is free, all you have to do is download the application. As with most real-time testing apps, your goal is to get some multiple-choice questions right.

Stick around until the end and you’ll win a share of the full prize pool ( $1,000 a week in Swagbucks ), but once you answer the wrong question, you’ll be eliminated. Experience has shown that some problems can be very difficult,

So we recommend that you recommend your friends to use the application. Every time someone signs up you get a free “re-entry”, if you get eliminated it puts you back in the game.

10. Registration Service

Signing up for a free trial and subscribing to services like TV and online games can be very helpful.

However, as with the refund options, this option should only be used in the following situations However, please plan to use the service. This is because some of them require you to withdraw the funds yourself in order to sign up.

However, if they are free (for example, a credit report or a trial version of a streaming service), it may be worth it, since they tend to pay a lot of points.

11. Watching a Video

Yes, you can actually earn Swagbucks points by watching some videos.

Now it is important to note that Swagbucks Watch is not as widespread as it used to be. Most users won’t be able to use it most of the time, but since it’s still an option, we think it’s worth mentioning.

And of course, the costs are not that high here, but you get paid to have fun! The types of content you want to see vary widely and include everything from advertisements to news content to viral videos.

If you’re not really interested in the content you’re submitting, you can also sneak in and let the video play in the background without looking at it while you edit other things (not like they tested it)! ).

I am looking forward to earning 2 or 3 SBs to the playlist (Each usually takes 15-30 minutes) and it is capped at 150 SBs per day that can be used for this particular task.

So now is your chance to join Swagbucks so you can start earning SB right away. Entry is free so you have nothing to lose and there are plenty of prizes waiting to be won.

Just make sure you’re not tempted to spend money by seeing high self-service points, otherwise, you won’t spend any money; otherwise, it will be a pseudo-economy!

Swagbucks Earn Money Reviews

The Goal of  $30 Per Month

Although there are many ways to earn SB points, if you want to earn up to $100 a month, you must follow a well-designed strategy.

If you are not going to follow a well-planned strategy, you will not earn more than $20 – $30 per month.

That is why you must know how to choose the right tasks.

The goal of $30 – $40 Per Month in the First Month
After joining Swagbucks, your first goal should be to earn up to $30 to $40 in the first month. So minimum 100 SB points a day. Goal $1 = 100 SBs per day

Day 1 at Swagbucks, Let us begin!

Step-1. Swagbucks Toolbar

Download and install the Swagbucks Toolbar: Just use it once. You can make more SB points after you install and use it.

  • Money Earned 50 SB
  • Time spent 2 to 3 seconds

Step-2. Set daily goals

If your daily goal is one hundred and you meet your goal every day for the next 21 days, you will get 10 SB bonus points.

  • Money Earned 10 SBs
  • Time spent 0 seconds

Step- 3. Take a daily survey each day

Begin with the TO DO LIST section

  • Money Earned 1 SB
  • Time spent 10 to 20 seconds

Step-4. daily deals

Click on the daily deals options. Choose easy tasks from the screen (more on this later).

  • Money Earned 2 SB to 4 SB
  • Time spent 4 to 5 minutes.

Step- 5. Swagbucks search engine

Search using the Swagbucks search engine. You don’t get paid for every search, but if you do it every hour, you do get paid.

  • Money Earned 15 SB
  • Time spent 2 to 3 minutes every hour.

Step-6. watching videos

Go to the WATCH section and start playing videos. You should see a playlist containing 3-4 videos. Always remember that fitness and sports videos pay you more. Watch 10-20 playlists. With Daily Crave you can easily earn 1 SB per day.

  • Money Earned 40 SB
  • Time spent: You can put it on auto play and go to the bathroom or wash your hair or do your work in the kitchen. You don’t necessarily have to sit down and watch all the videos.

Step-7. Swagbucks app

If you have an extra phone, you can download the Swagbucks app and watch videos. There are 6 different apps with their own rating.

For every 10 videos you’ve watched, you can do 3 SBs to 4 SBs. Each video is 10 to 30 seconds long. So you can see 10 packages with 10 videos each.

  • Money Earned 30 SBs
  • Time spent doing the same thing you did when watching videos in the playlist.

You have completed a total of 7 steps on day 1.

  • Money earned one day 10 + 1 + 4 + 15 + 40 + 30 = 100 SB points
  • Hours spent About 30 minutes as a beginner.

Repeat the steps from 1 day for the rest of the month.

So for 30 days = 100 SB x 30 = 3000 SB
3000 SB = $ 30
This is how you are going to achieve your first goal of $30 in the first month.

Best Ways to Earn Swagbucks

The Goal of $80 to $100 Per Month

Now your next goal should be to earn $100 a month. So your goal is around 330 SB per day. Therefore 330 SB X 30 = 10,000 SB in a month.
10,000 SB = $ 100

Continue with the first 5 Steps (except the Swagbucks search) from the previous paragraph.

Day 1, Actually, you have already done the first 3 tasks, but this month you have to increase your earnings. Than…

Step-1. Search with the Swagbucks search engine.

You have to increase your daily search and search more often.

  • Money Earned 20 SBs
  • Time spent searching every half hour in a day.

Step- 2. For the Watch section, you have to watch all kinds of videos.

There are more than 18 categories and watch videos from all of them. Watch at least 15 playlists. Always choose playlists that pay more SBs. The videos of the Sports and Fitness categories are very well paid. Watch is one of the sections where most of the profits will come from.

  • Money Earned 50 SBs
  • Time is dedicated from 2 to 3 hours. You already know the trick. Just start the playlist and do your other work.

Step-3. As you know, there are 6 different categories of applications.

Now you need to watch more videos from other categories like sports, movie clips, lifestyle, etc. You have to watch at least 200 videos of 30 seconds in length.

  • Money Earned 40 SBs
  • Time spent doing the same thing you did when watching videos. Remember that you can simultaneously run videos on the computer and on your iPhone while doing something else. You don’t have to spend extra time.

Step- 4. You need to start taking surveys.

There are surveys that can pay you more than 100 SB. But that’s not for you because you have to qualify first.

But you can start with smaller surveys that pay you 2 SB. Later on, you can move on to surveys that pay up to 10 SB. Complete 2-3 surveys of this type.

  • Money Earned 20 SBs
  • Time dedicated half an hour to an hour daily.

Step- 5. Playing games

Playing games can be very easy but they are not free. You have to pay to join them. But you can search for games where you can play for free and earn SB.

1 game pays you 1 SB. Only 10 SB per day is the limit, so you play at least 10 of these games per day.

  • Money Earned 10 SBs
  • Time spent 15 to 20 minutes.

Step- 6. Go to Content Discovery in the Discover section.

You must find tasks that are free and that pay you 2 SB to 4 SB. Not only Content Discovery, but you can also find tasks for Sign-Ups, Free Offers, Sponsored Offers, etc.

The Discovery section is very important because here you are going to get most of your income from Swagbucks.

  • Money Earned 55 SB
  • Time spent 1 to 2 hours

Step- 7. download Swagbucks TV

You can download Swagbucks TV on your iOS or Android device. You can watch movie clips and earn up to 40 SB for watching videos.

  • Money Earned 35 SB
  • Time spent 2 to 3 hours

Step-8. purchases with Swagbucks.

There is great potential to earn money from purchases with Swagbucks. If they already have shopping plans, they always shop at their favorite store through Swagbucks.

You can put your coupons into Swagbucks and by redeeming them you get extra SBs. Make use of gift cards at Swagbucks. You don’t get SB right away, but 30 days after you make a purchase. Even if you redeem 5 coupons on Swagbucks, you can easily earn up to $5.

  • Money Earned 50 SB
  • Time spent 1 to 2 hrs.

Step-9. Referrals

Referrals have great earning potential on Swagbucks. Even if you manage to get 2-3 referrals a week, then that’s enough. You get 10% of your profit on top of $3 or $5 cash. Check out these 40 ways to promote referrals so you can get the maximum number of referrals.

  • Money Earned 10 SB
  • Time spent fair promotion for few minutes

Step- 10. Swagbucks codes

Swagbucks codes are a great way to search for some SBs. You can search on some websites that give codes for Swagbucks. You put the code on Swagbucks and get free SB. However, don’t fall for expired codes.

  • Money Earned 20 SB
  • Time spent 15 to 20 minutes

Step-11. Don’t ignore social media

Don’t ignore social media platforms like Swagbucks Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. Here you can find codes and other opportunities to get SBs like if someone gave it away for free or if there is a contest to get more SBs.

  • Money Earned 10 SB
  • Time spent 15 to 20 minutes

Total work you completed on day 1 7 + 8 = 15

Money Earned One Day 20 + 50 + 40 + 20 + 10 + 55 + 35 + 50 + 10 + 20 + 10 + 15 (SB from previous tasks) = 335 SB

Hours 2 minutes to 1 hour with some experience.
Repeat the task from day 1 for the rest of the month.
So for 30 days = 335 SB X 30 = 10,500 or 10,000 SB
10,000 SB = $ 100

This is how you achieve the goal of $100 in 30 days.

Another Best Way to Increase Your Income Is Through Cashback.

Whenever you buy something online, first log in to Swagbucks and then click on your favorite store from here.

In fact, if you want, you can ignore certain tasks like playing games, surveys, and even shopping, and focus more on these two sections.

The Best Options Redeemable for the Swagbuck Points You Earned.
I don’t think redeeming your hard-earned money is difficult. You can go to the Reward Store and choose a store like Amazon, Walmart, Nike, Visa, etc. to redeem your SBs.

If you have 1,000 SBs, you can redeem them for a $10 gift card. Similarly, for a $100 gift card you must have 10,000 SBs.

Redeem it for groceries, clothing, music and entertainment, restaurant deals, pets, cars, etc., you name it. They cover all the different categories. You just have to choose any of them. Use the price range meter to find gift cards redeemable by the number of SBs you’ve earned.

You can also use these SB points to convert to PayPal cash. You can find the withdrawal option there and request the withdrawal to your PayPal account.

The Swagbucks App

The Swagbucks mobile app is available for any Android or Apple device. The app is very intuitive and allows you to shop, watch videos, and take surveys right from your phone.

Swag Extension

You can add the Swag extension to your Google Chrome browser and it will search for online coupons and cashback opportunities within the platform’s database at your chosen retailer.

Is Swagbucks Legit and Safe?

Swagbucks is Safe.  It is a subsidiary brand of the media company Prodege, LLC. Along with Swagbucks, Prodege consists of three similar sites: MyPoints, ShopAtHome, and InboxDollars.

Swagbucks’ reputation is well known in the circle and has had appearances in magazines such as Reader’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, and US News & World Report.
Since its inception in 2010, it has paid its users more than $348 million in gift cards and cash. have a good trust score is probably not a scam but a legitimate and reliable website. Review Trustpilot  Based on the data we have been able to collect about the website as it has been aggregated in that country Reviews were found. The website’s rating indicates that it is safe.

Positive highlights

  • This website is considered popular by Tranco, which has running
  • The site owner Do not hide their identity from WHIS
  • This website covers a wide range of payment methods to get your money back.
  • This website has received positive reviews
  • The SSL certificate is valid (source )
  • The domain name was registered more than many years ago.
  • very old

Swagbucks is a legitimate best company that pays real money to its users. Out of over 14,000 reviews, it has a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot and an 8.5 TrustScore out of 10.

The gift cards they offer come from more than 1,500 retailers, including Amazon, iTunes, Currys PC World, and Tesco. But if you have Swagbucks. If you prefer to make money, then there is an option to convert the points directly to your PayPal account as cash.

Or you can donate to charity if you feel generous. Swagbucks is not a scheme to get rich quickly. If you’re interested in making money for things already done and get an extra at the end of the month, Swagbucks can be a great tool.

However, if you are looking for a high-performance job, you should consider other jobs from your homework.

Swagbucks we could call it the definition of easy money.

Although it is not much that we can earn in Swagbucks, it is very easy to do it and they give you points for everything. From watching videos, playing video games, and taking surveys, all without leaving your couch.

As soon as you’ve created your account, you can start participating right away, earning points that can be exchanged for rewards and cash.

Essentially Swagbucks is a portal that rewards its users for performing simple tasks like watching videos, completing surveys, or searching the web. All the tasks that we generate give us a payment in points called Swagbucks (shortened to «SB») which we can exchange for cash or gifts.

The gift cards we can redeem come from over 1,500 retailers including Amazon, Argos, M&S, Starbucks, and iTunes.

If you prefer to receive money, Swagbucks gives you the possibility to convert the points earned directly into your PayPal account as cash.


As a multitasking platform, it offers us a variety of ways to make money, such as taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, cashback, and much more.

Also, it has the most popular payment methods currently like PayPal, and gift cards from online stores like Amazon.

It also has a referral system that we haveLets earned from our partners for life ৷ the big advantage of this platform is that it has no geographical limitations.

Swagbucks is an excellent platform for making money altogether. A portion of what I earn on the internet comes from paid survey sites. I work over twenty and almost always I get paid from here, the other from there… The question has to be added in different ways.

In this respect, Swagbucks has been great for me, since I’ve included it in my portfolio of survey pages.

So it has allowed me to increase my earnings substantially in this way. If it doesn’t work with just one or two panels, I work with six, seven, or more, and the chances of getting more surveys increase. And from a global profit standpoint, of all the pages, it’s very beneficial.

If you work with other portals like InboxDoller, you will see that Swagbucks has no problem.

In the end, it’s all about working with perseverance and patience. Also, it is possible to get $50 just by answering the profile question, doing a few searches, and completing a few or three surveys. If we add up all the SBs we get with the bonus, it’s a piece of cake.

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