Is Survey Junkie Legit? How to Make Money on Survey Junkie

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Survey Junkie Review 2022: is Survey Junkie Legit?

Today I will discuss Survey all about Junkie and discuss how you can make money in detail? Currently, fake survey sites have become huge. So you need to know, Is survey junkie legit?

Staying away from the internet is a somewhat complicated job, the main thing is to often have different options for income, such as opinion polls and winning.
We always encourage our readers to diversify their pages to earn free dollars. If you are a regular reader of our blog and take our recommendations seriously, you may want to know about Survey Junkie, a platform of ten million registered users. Almost nothing, come on!
Survey junkie is one of the options that should be considered for earning a few dollars from the comfort of your home. In this article, we will tell you everything about this online survey platform.

What is Survey Junkie?

This is an online survey panel that allows you to make money by completing surveys in minutes. Yes, you can get paid just by giving your opinion about some brands of products or services. For their part, brands that you and other users answer in their various surveys do a marketing study. You can see that this is a platform like Swagbucks, however, there are more options to make money in addition to later surveys.
The owners of the survey junkie define it as a “community” with over ten million users. This community is dedicated to making consumers’ voices heard, as it opens up the gap between consumers and the brands of products they use.

How to make money with survey junkie?

This app is available for Android and ios users, guaranteeing that anyone who wants it can be part of the community. Starting earning points is really easy, the simple fact of completing the registration can give the user 160 points. Consider some great things that are easy and quick data to answer.
It is good that you remember that you must provide all the necessary data at the time of registration because it helps to allocate the survey. The more detailed your answers, the more likely you are to find surveys of your choice.

In addition, you must confirm your account via a link in your email, an issue that is also provided in the possibility of a registration bonus. Once you have access, you can start answering your survey in the easiest way possible.

Is Survey Junkie reliable, is this app valuable?

It’s not crazy to make money with Survey App in general, many companies have recognized the use of this service. In addition, it is referred to as the most known and most reliable, so it sets quite strict conditions to fully comply.
This is one of the most searched and downloaded apps. If it is in high demand and many people use it, I am one of those who say that you need to take advantage of it while it is working and paying.

Advantages and disadvantages of using survey junkie

It may or may not be easy to make money through survey junta depending on certain aspects, as not everyone benefits or harms the data provided. This platform is excellent for positive things. There is reliability, as its payments are quite secure and the minimum limit guarantees constant payments.
In addition, it guarantees that points will be allocated immediately at the end of the survey without the risk of their expiration. On the other hand, there are some less outstanding details of this application that make many people doubt its use.
Although in a certain way it is easy to make money, many consider that the payment is quite minimal so reaching the minimum for collection is complicated. It is also difficult to rate different types of surveys.

Making Money Through App Survey Junkies: Now let’s break this thing down into list-style. Is the survey good and not good about junkies?


  1. Free to sign up (this is a fact). How to see
  2. Get bonus points for some quick work when you sign up.
  3. Redeem points for your favorite gift card or PayPal cash.
  4. You also earn points for surveys that you can’t qualify for without wasting time.
  5. Longevity in points compared to other sites – 12 months.
  6. Your survey responses help companies improve their products and services Help.
  7. The answers are anonymous.
  8. A+ rated with BBB (Better Business Bureau).


  1. Very few surveys have been provided for users.
  2. Less overall payments (usually in single dollar numbers or less than double).
  3. Survey addicts only offer surveys. Also, you can’t earn points by watching videos, checking products, etc.
  4. A PayPal bank transfer to your bank account may take a few business days.
  5. Only residents of the United States, Canada, and Australia can now join.

How to sign up for SurveyJunkie and start earning money

Registration is quick and free because Survey Junkie registration is easy and you can start earning money in minutes.
To start earning money through Survey Junkie online surveys, you need to write an email where you want to receive online survey alerts. Every time Survey Junkie finds a survey for you, they will send you an email to make money. Check the box after entering your email (you must be over 18 years of age and follow community rules)

You will have several options at your disposal to register, through your Facebook account, Google, Or using your email. Select one of these three options, then accept the terms, and finally click on “SIGN UP”
If you using email then,

After writing your email, you’ll need to fill out a small section about your data :

  • Provide your zip code.
  • Confirm your country.
  • Provide your date of birth.
  • Choose your gender.
  • Enter a name, surname, and password to access your account.
  • Click ” Log in and start earning .” and you’ll immediately receive surveys and product offers, and promotions to make more money:

Familiarize yourself with the control panel.

The first thing you’ll see after signing up is your dashboard. On the left, as I mentioned earlier, you’ll see your “Lifetime Points” and your “Redeemable Points” and how much they’re worth in cash. You’ll also get your “Quick Start Checklist.”
Each step of this checklist earns you points, including (1) Confirm Email (25 points), (2) How it works (5 points), and (3) Complete profile (50 points).

Complete your profile.

to complete your profile, you need to answer multiple questions about your lifestyle, such as whether you have pets and what kind of job you have. It will take about a minute to complete.

Now Start taking surveys!

Make Money Through App Survey Junkies: You can then go to the Surveys tab and start answering questions and making money. You can choose what kind of “research activity” you want, which includes topics such as online focus groups, product testing, and phone surveys.
You earn a certain number of points for each completed survey. Indeed, a point is equal to a single penny. You will be paid in a minimum of 110 increments. Continue the survey!
The feature is that each survey will take approximately time to complete. Another important assumption is usually an overestimate. As long as you are telling the truth you can go through the questions very quickly.

Survey Junkie Withdrawal

In terms of payment, this application is fairly low, and easy to reach the minimum payment standard. When you reach 1000 points, the equivalent of $10 directly in it, you will be able to withdraw your first. Above all, it gives you the ability to receive gift cards from various places such as Walmart and Amazon; Or just withdraw cash to a PayPal account.
Currently, the platform is paying, it has proof of payment and I can tell you that the survey junkie is worth doing right now. Sign up today and start earning money through this app.

How does survey junkie work?

After registration, the website will ask you to complete your profile. You must do this, try to enter all the data as much as you can. Remember that the more you complete your profile, the more surveys will be available to you. Surveys will be on the ‘Surveys’ panel, there will be answers that you can answer according to your profile, for example, if you are a young person who likes sports, then there will probably be a survey of products.
You can answer the survey at any time you want and from the device you want. For each survey that you answer successfully, you will receive points.

Survey Junkies have two ways to make money both based on market research and informing brands.

1. Survey Junkie Online Survey

The first way to make money is to make money by surveying the survey junkie (you guessed it) just like any other survey website. Once you have set up your account (instructions for this below), you can start paying scales now.

As a survey junkie, you don’t just answer common questions about politics or your weight. Questions are centralized and allow you to express your opinion. This, in turn, helps brands deliver better products and services.
You become an influencer for market research companies.

Survey Junkie Point and Click

Before you click and complete the surveys, you can see how many points the online survey will earn you. You can also get an estimate of the time it takes to complete the survey.
Surveys are usually between 10 and 200 points and can take anywhere from a few minutes to 20 or 30 minutes. These are excellent features so promise your time And there is a clear idea about the reward.

What Can You Redeem Survey Junkie Points for

Once you take enough surveys to reach the minimum 110, you can pay. Redeem your survey points for cash or gift cards. Some gift cards come from big names like Starbucks and Amazon. If you prefer to cash out, Survey Zari will send $1  directly to your PayPal account.
After you complete a survey, your points will appear in the Lifetime Points column on the left side of your computer screen (many online survey sites do not currently post points to your account).

2. Share your behavior

Make Money With Survey Junkie App: The second way to make money with Survey Junkie is. Their add-on program is Survey Pulse, which lets you share your online activity with brands in exchange for points. Bonus
It does an opt-in via a browser extension or the Survey Junkie mobile app

Once the extension learns more about your browsing habits, it may find additional unblocked surveys relevant and targeted to you.

Does it track activity?

What are you looking for
Website you visit
Shopping activities
and Ads you see, Content that interacts with you Surely you are in the best online clothing store in the United States.
This naturally opens the door to various privacy concerns, which the company minimizes Addresses,
Content that interacts with you Surely you are interested in the 48 best online clothing stores in the United States naturally opens the door to various privacy concerns, which the company follows.


1. Like the survey, this information is shared with anonymous companies, so the information is shared with the brand, but not with Jane Smith’s personal story.
2. The extension is like email address, credit card number, password, username, etc. Ignores sensitive data.
3. If you want to browse privately while the extension is active, you can open a private camouflage window, which will deactivate the extension.

You must have the extension installed and enabled for 30 days. That means if you opt-in, keep it for a few weeks and then change your mind, you won’t be compensated at all. One to gain lots of points through surveys Important note.

Can You Really Make Money With Survey Junkies?

Yes, you can make real money with Survey Junkie, the question is, “How Much Money Can I Make?”

In other words, is it worth your time?

Okay, let’s just say it’s not a career option. However, it could be a good replacement for wasting time on YouTube or fighting Twitter. Instead of scrolling, why not make a few dollar bills? Heck, you can survey while watching Netflix, and make money while having fun.
But let’s take a look at the reward-to-engagement ratio and see if you think it’s worth your time.

Is survey junkie legit and safe?

Make Money Through App Survey Junkies: I Want To Solve It Now Because It’s A Common Question: Is Survey Junkie Valid?
The short answer is yes. “The site will do exactly what it says – do survey business with your time for cash. Survey addicts are not a scam. It’s a legitimate survey company and a great way to make extra money.
You don’t get rich with payroll surveys. You may even decide that the money you earn is not worth your time. But you will not be deceived and you will not feel deceived. You can join the survey junkie and learn how to use the site in minutes.

How much does the survey junkie pay per hour?

Make Money Through App Survey Junkies: As I said before, each survey will give you 10 to 200 points, each of which takes three minutes to 23 minutes or more. So let’s take a real example to figure out the hourly rate

It definitely depends on how many points you can earn in an allotted time.
If you do a 10-point survey that is estimated to take 6 minutes, and if 10 points equal 0.10, you will earn $1 per hour. It is assumed that the online survey will take you 6 minutes – in many cases, it can go much faster than the estimated time.

Tip: Use our Survey ROI Calculator so you don’t have to do these calculations yourself. This will help you prioritize any surveys you need to take!

But the point here is clear

They are not impressive numbers, on the other hand, compared to other survey sites, it is actually very good. And the total amount of money you earn through SurveyAdnkey depends on a variety of factors: how many survey invitations you receive, how many surveys you actually take, and how long each survey takes.
When you first join the Survey Junkie, a lot of surveys may be taken. But typically, people qualify for about 1-4 surveys per week.

Think of it this way

Most survey-addicted users probably make enough money each month to pay their Netflix bills. However, I have heard those survey addicts earn more than 2,200 when they are on an ideal target.
But I will not rely on survey junkie to repay your student loan or car loan.

Does Survey Junkie Really Pay You?

Make Money Through App Survey Junkies: This question comes up again and again because sites like Survey Junkie may seem true.
As I said before, the best question is “Will I get enough money from the survey junkie for my time?”
But to answer the main question: Yes, the survey will redeem your points for junkie cash or gift cards.
They can do this because their opinions, along with the opinions of thousands of other people, are valuable to companies that create new products and services.

How do these companies market their new products before they spend valuable time creating products?
Survey contracts with Junkie to find out what will be received.
And you need to help Paul Jankey’s bargaining chip: public opinion (hence his willingness to pay for his time).
Of course, public opinion is not the only factor product researchers consider, but it is part of a larger puzzle that Goes into the research process.
You are definitely interested in this best app for learning English. And free!

Is Survey Junkie Real?

It is reliable, for one reason it is one of the best survey panels for the United States. It has been paying and pleasing users for several years, and at Trustpilot, it has good reviews from users who have used it and continue to use it to this day. Of course, it doesn’t make a lot of money, but it does pay better than many other online pollsters.

How do you pay for survey junkie?

We are doing surveys because we are in our pockets and Want extra money. So here are the details of how this process works:

Survey Junkie Cash Points

Make Money With Survey Junkie App: With Survey Junkie, one point equals one penny. Once you hit 1,000 points, you have reached the cashout threshold – 1101. You can then transfer money to your PayPal account or redeem gift cards (or e-gift cards) from Amazon or various other stores and restaurants.
An important note: If you stop using your account, your points will expire. To keep your account active and confirm your points, you need to take a survey at least once every 12 months. Many other survey sites expire your points 12 months in advance (and this is mostly annoying).
Also, you can earn points for surveys that you are not eligible for. Some survey sites will take you through a survey so you know you are not eligible for it. That means you don’t gain any points – you just lose valuable time.

Through survey junkie, you can earn points even if you take part in a survey for which you are not eligible.

Payment: PayPal or gift card

Make money with the Survey Junkie app:

Survey Junkie pays you via PayPal or by sending gift cards to top retailers like Amazon, Target, and Starbucks. If you want money instead of a gift card, you will need a PayPal account Fortunately, PayPal is easy to use for both receiving and sending money.

How does Survey Junkie pay via PayPal?

Unlike some of its competitors, Survey Junkie will not charge a fee or reduce the value of your points if you want to pay with PayPal Cash.
So if you have 2,500 points, you will get your full 25 no matter which PayPal deposit or gift card you choose.

PayPal Transfer Fee:

PayPal will charge you if you transfer money from PayPal to a bank account. This transfer fee usually takes about 3 percent of your cash. For 25, you lose 75 cents. Spending money directly from your PayPal account avoids this transfer fee.

PayPal empties your points:

Choosing for survey junkie to send you cash will redeem all your survey junkie points. There is no option to redeem only a portion of your points. When you choose a gift card, Survey Junkie lets you redeem a portion of your points. It’s not a huge deal, but it has led to some confusion for some customers.

Survey Junkie Hacks

 Here are some ways you can make extra money in addition to taking surveys:

  • Install Survey Junkie Pulse Browser Extension to earn passive points – If you agree with Survey Junkie monitoring your web activity.
  • Use the Survey Junkie Referral Program to earn points for others to sign up.
  • Only open a separate email account for survey addicts – this way you can stay more organized and not accidentally miss a survey opportunity.

So now that we’ve covered Nitty-Gritty, are you ready to start with the survey junkie?

Survey Junkie App: Make Money With Survey Junkie

One of the advantages of Survey Junkie is that it has its own app, you can install it on an Android device or iPhone. As the web platform, with this application, you can take surveys and earn points, which you can later exchange for gift cards or your PayPal account.
Lastly, if you want to take surveys on the go, such as on a long drive to the car or during your lunch break, you can download the survey app, making it even easier to make extra money! Have fun and interesting surveys, then redeem your points and cash out your prizes. It’s easy and straightforward to help make a difference in your voice, so you get paid to do it.

Frequently Questions And Answer

1. Can anyone be a member of Survey Junkie?

Members must be 16 years of age or older and reside in the United States.

2. How do I earn points?

To earn points you must successfully complete the survey profile questions or take other rewarding steps. You will know when an action is rewarding if there is a designated point displayed in a green button.

4. How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your points, click “My Points” from the drop-down menu in the navigation bar, or “Current Points from the User Dashboard.” Once you’ve moved to the My Points page, follow these steps:

If you have reached a minimum of 500 points, you have the following methods

  • Cash using PayPal
  • Reward your rewards with popular e-gift cards
  • Direct bank transfer.

Does Survey Junkie Pay Through Paypal

You may need to log in to your PayPal account for PayPal redemption. After you select your redemption method you will be asked to select or provide the email address where you want to receive the reward. If you add a new email address, you’ll need to confirm that email before proceeding with the redemption. This ensures that we do not send the reward to the wrong person. Verify that the type of prize amount and the email to which the prize will be sent are correct, then click “Yes, Redeem. If you have successfully redeemed your prize, you will see a ‘Congratulations’ popup window indicating that you are registered. Your prize has been sent via PayPal or e-gift card email.

5. What can I redeem points for?

Points are redeemable for cash via PayPal or e-Giftcard. Gift cards are currently only available to US residents
With Survey Junkie you can see your opinions reflected in tomorrow’s products and services!

6. Survey junkie for Spain?

Currently, it is not available for Spain, it is only available in Germany, the USA, Canada, UK among others. However, there are other payroll surveys in Spain with which you can also make money. Hopefully, soon the Survey Junkie platform will be available in most European countries.


Is Survey Junkie Real and Safe:

Survey Junkie is an online community with over 12 million members dedicated to listening to your voice. Big companies need people like you and me to share their valuable insights when creating new products or updating existing ones. Because at the end of the day your voice is essential to the process of making a brand decision.
Survey Janke like any survey site won’t replace your full-time job, however, it is a completely legit way to make extra money in your free tame survey, Junke is one of the oldest, most trusted survey websites. we recommend it.
Full disclosure, survey junkie isn’t going to make you rich, but you can make extra money in your spare time to help with bills, spend the night or even fund your retirement.

Paid surveys are a clear example of how easy it has become to find job and business opportunities in the digital world.

Does Survey Junkie Really Pay

In fact, paid surveys have become one of the most used methods to earn money online since they are available online, they do not require much effort and companies are willing to pay you to do this job. , paid surveys represent the livelihood and only employment of many people. This is because, with the correct techniques and portals, taking surveys can be a highly lucrative business for anyone with the necessary time and patience.
Therefore, when you need to earn money fast, paid surveys are a completely profitable option thanks to the ease and speed with which they can be completed. And, thanks to the great utility that these offer to any company or studio, finding paid offers is not complicated at all.
If you are excited about the idea of ​​earning money with paid surveys, here are some more survey sites that will help you. These sites vary depending on your country.

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