I say Ipsos Review 2022: Is It a Legit or Scam?

I say Ipsos

I say Ipsos Review: Can You Make Money With Ipsos i-Say?

i-Say is a paid survey panel that pays by Paypal and gift vouchers. It should be noted that the i-Say website belongs to the Ipsos group. A leading company in the market research sector worldwide. It has been online since 1975, a fact that speaks about the experience and reliability of this portal. Initially, Ipsos limited its study area to the United States and Canada. But he created i-Say in order to enter the European market. What do you think about panel credentials? Not bad not. If you liked them,

I can already tell you that they are on the list of the best paid survey sites. Still, I suggest you read this blog with our experience. let’s see how i-Say works and how to earn money with paid surveys.

We teach you everything you need to know to make money with Ipsos I-say. From how to register, to how to get the most out of this survey platform. Ipsos i-say is one of the best platforms to make money with paid surveys. Carrying out surveys for more than 100 countries, it offers very succulent earnings for users. Unlike other survey sites, i-say has a good number of weekly surveys. And it offers users various rewards, for which they can redeem their points.

This site belongs to the Ipsos company. Ipsos is a global marketing company. It has hundreds of clients all over the world, which guarantees a large number of surveys per year. This itself has made all users have positive opinions about its survey platform. Next, we will teach you everything you need to know about Ipsos I-say.

What is i-say?

I-say is an online survey panel where people share their opinions for a fee. I-say is a website managed by the company Ipsos. After being founded in 1975, it did not sit still for long, since 1990 the company has set up and bought up many companies. Since the acquisition of another company in 2011, the organization Ipsos has been one of the three largest companies in the world when it comes to market research. Today, Ipsos has a presence in no fewer than 87 countries, with 16,530 employees worldwide! Moreover, they are even listed, which would actually reveal something about the reliability that Ipsos i-say entails.

How does Isay Ipsos work?

The principle for i-say is the same as with other online survey panels, you earn money by completing surveys and questionnaires. You will also come across quick polls (a few questions) on current topics at i-say. You can also receive an offer where i-say invites you to receive a product, then you can test the product and give your opinion on certain questions. With this kind of product testing, you can often keep the product as a reward.

The reason i-say can reward you for your opinion is simple. Companies and organizations commission i-say to do research for them into specific issues. It goes without saying that companies want to constantly improve their products and services, this, in turn, ensures more customers who are satisfied and come back, this, in turn, generates money for the companies.
So this is where i-say comes into play, they specialize in doing research for the companies. So they often have to question people why they created this online panel. You participate in an i-say survey or questionnaire and they will reward you for your help with the survey.

You may have seen an article around the time of voting for the 2nd Chamber about how the polls are doing. For example, i-say also conducts research into political polls, so that everyone has an idea of ​​​​how the polls are doing before the vote counts are announced. Now that you understand the general picture of i-say, it is important to know a few small details. Survey sites vary greatly from each other in several areas. The topics, amount of invitations, amount of payment, and method of payment vary greatly per online panel. For this reason, it is helpful to read through the article so that you know where you stand before joining a site like i-say.

Sign up

The first step before seeing all the ins and outs of the i-Say survey panel will be to create our own account. If you want, you can do it through the link below. It will take you directly to a registration form. In it, they will ask us to enter our data, email addresses, and password. The data we provide must be real.

Once registered, i-Say will send us an email to confirm the account. This point is because, if we do not confirm it, we will not have access. As always, we will follow the link that we find in the content of that email and the account will be verified automatically. Now we can access our account!

Mail sent to us by iSay may be filtered into the Spam folder. If it doesn’t show up in your inbox, it’s probably in Junk Mail.

I say Ipsos Dashboard Introduction

The operation of i-Say is quite intuitive and it makes the task easier. Anyway, we are going to review the most important sections that make up the panel. As soon as you enter our account we will see a top menu with four sections.


Here we see surveys that are active and pending.


In this section, we can create polls or view polls published by i-Say users. Quick surveys are not provided, they are only informative. To respond to community concerns.

Gift Area:

The category that we like the most. From here we can see i-Say’s award catalog. The most interesting is the Paypal payment, but there is more.


This is used to configure both our interests and some aspects of the account. Either add our account to the social network or make some changes to the privacy settings.

Fill profile features

Profile features, are one of the most important things to read carefully when you sign up, no matter which surveys site. Each i-say survey targets a specific target group, which means they see the features of your profile. Features such as age, gender, location, education, interests, and even relationship status can affect the type of invitation you receive for the survey.

If you fill in the features correctly, the i-say system will give you a good idea of ​​which survey and questionnaire are right for you. It has 2 advantages:

  • You’ll find surveys that apply primarily to you, so they won’t usually be annoying or distasteful.
  • You are less likely to be removed from the investigation. I say you look at survey answers, so there are a few screening questions to see if you belong to the target group. If you do not belong to the target group, you will not be able to continue your research. Usually, you still get 5 points for this type of situation, but it’s annoying because you didn’t get the full reward.

Getting started

Like all paid survey panels, i-Say also requires us to fill in personal data. And above all, my profile.

The data they ask us for is the most classic. What sector do we work in, what position are we in, have we completed our university degree, do we go to see movies, and so on. In short, they will ask about our special lives, hobbies, and favorite hobbies. That way, iSay will have all the information it needs. Based on our feedback, we get surveys on one or the other topic. As long as they are consistent with our interests.

As soon as we answer the mini-test, we just have to wait. We will now be eligible to receive survey invitations from i-Say.

Survey format in I say Ipsos:

I-Say will send us an invitation when a survey is available Of Mobrog and LifepointsLike. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” As soon as that period expires, the survey will be closed and will no longer be accessible

To proceed, we will simply click “Start Survey Now”. And automatically it will take us to the questionable study. Throughout a survey, our strategies may be questioned. Or repeat the same question twice. The purpose is to know if we are paying attention and we are responding in a coherent way. Pay attention, because if I-She realizes that we are dishonest, they will kick us out of the studio. Finally, at the end of the survey, the prize balance will be added.

Sometimes it happens that there is a survey and the invitation does not come in the mail. For this reason, my recommendation is that from time to time we have access to view the panel once.

How Much Do You Earn Point?

i-Say offers its members a compensation of between 5 to 250 points per completed survey. How much you can earn by completing the surveys depends, among other things, on how many surveys you complete and how much these surveys yield you.

In addition to the earnings per survey, i-Say also works with a loyalty program. As an active member, this gives you bonus points if you have completed a certain number of surveys. This way you can earn more by completing the surveys. In addition to this way of earning extra money, you can also participate in various lotteries. You can earn up to 10,000 extra points on prizes.

On average, you will receive between 1 to 4 surveys per month at i-Say. Would you like to participate in more surveys? Then you would do well to also register for one of the other panels that are on the list of the best research panels. You could even sign up for all the panels on that list to earn up to a few tens of euros a week.

How It Works and How to Earn Money on Ipsos

Once you have registered, you must fill out your entire profile with your personal information. Filling out the complete profile is vital to start receiving surveys since the type and number of surveys you receive will depend mainly on your profile. For that, enter the section of your profile, and enter all the required information.

Ipsos has 5 ways we can make money. They are not all that important, and they will not all have the same frequency, but they can certainly be counted as part of the ways to earn money on this site. The following are the 5 ways to earn money on this website:

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are the main way to earn money on i-say. Since basically this site was created to collect important information that helps companies to develop and sell their products. The way to understand the format of the surveys is very simple. Next to the star, the number of points that we will earn for the survey is shown. By selecting the “start the survey” button, we start the survey. And next to it, we have the approximate time of completion of the survey.

Ipsos may offer several surveys per day. Every time there is one available, you will receive an email to enter it. Another way to verify its availability is by entering with your user and checking the main panel. You must be attentive because each survey has an expiration time of between 10 to 25 minutes.

Loyalty Program

Ipsos is a loyalty program
Ipsos also pays for our persistence in answering surveys. In this way, we will receive free points for a particular number of surveys answered. In the image above, there is the list of points they offer for each given number of surveys taken.

Welcome Draw

Also, as a new user, you can participate in their welcome draw. The platform holds a raffle for 30 gift cards worth €100 every 4 months, in which new members can participate.

Click Raffle

Added to this, every 4 months they do another draw where they offer 10,000 points. In this draw, there will be 10 winning users, and each one will receive the number of points mentioned. To participate, we only have to answer the surveys regarding the updating of our profile.


Isay also has a referral system. For each referral that completes their first survey, we will earn 100 points. But unlike other platforms, this one does not have a referral link. Rather, the invitation is sent via email.

Awards at Ipsos I-say

As we mentioned at the beginning, this site offers many alternatives to its users to redeem their points: Amazon, Paypal, Ikea, Decathlon, and iTunes, are among some of them.

The minimum amount of points to make withdrawals is 218 points, which is equivalent to €2 for an Amazon card. The following are the rewards for which we can exchange our points:

218 points = €2.
544 points = €5.

567 points = €5.
1,133 points = €10.

VISA prepaid card:
555 points = €5.
1111 points = €10.
2770 points = €25.
5550 points = €50.

Charity Choice:
556 points = €5.
1,000 points = €10.

Market de Ipsos i-Say:
556 points = €5.
1116 points = €.

756 points = €5.

1,111 points = €10.

iTunes and Zalando:
1,267 points = €10.

Ticket Compliments
1311 points = €10.

How Much Money Can You Earn at Ipsos I-Say?

How Much Money Can You Make With Ipsos i-say? Of course, the most important question is,
The income you can earn with i-say depends on how many surveys you take. If you participate in the highest-paying questionnaire, you can earn 200+ euros per month quickly without extra work.

As you already know, the platforms to earn money with surveys are a great alternative to earning money online. A clear example is Ysense or LifePoints. With Ipsos, we can get a good amount of extra money per month. Earnings can vary from €10 to €100 per month, depending on our perseverance, the flow of surveys, and the profile we have.

You understand that you will earn more the moment you participate more often and give your opinion. If you do not participate at all, then you have no income. If you participate in everything, we think you can earn a nice amount.
Especially if you combine it with the other panels from the Top 10 best-paid survey sites. If you participate with all of them, you can just grab €500 per month or more, we have no doubts about that.

How Can You Earn More Points?

The answer will always be: get as many surveys right as possible. The essence of this site is not in the referrals, nor in its loyalty program, but in the surveys that we carry out. Here are some tips for earning points with surveys:

1. Always attentive to the mail. When surveys are available, a message will arrive in your email. Do not let too much time go by to do them, since the surveys have a limit of people, and they fill up very easily.
2. Immediately carry out the surveys available in the panel. If you are in the panel of the platform, and you have surveys available, do not leave them for later. Possibly when you come back, it will no longer be available.
3. Fill out your profile completely and properly. The flow of surveys will depend on this. Have the full profile, and stay tuned for profile updates.

i-Say App

Nowadays we are all more and more on mobile devices. For this reason, i-say has launched its own app for IOS and Android. This means that you can also complete your questionnaires on mobile and tablet. With over a million downloads of the app (available in the Google play store), you can once again see that i-say is one of the largest survey panels in the world. Of course, the app can also be found on iTunes.

The i-say app has almost all the functionality you are used to from the website. Only the app is more suitable for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Additional Options

By participating in i-Say competitions, you have extra chances to win some. Nice that this game element is present on this site. The more surveys you complete with i-Say, the more points you can earn. So it certainly pays to invest time in this if you want to earn a lot of points. i-Say is continuously looking for additional opportunities for its members to earn points. You will be kept informed by e-mail if this includes new options, etc.

Is Ipsos i-Say Safe?

Ipsos is a completely secure page, which we can trust. Hundreds of companies today continue to hire their services to do market research, and to date, none have filed any complaints (that we know of). It conducts more than 6 million surveys in more than 100 countries. In addition to that, the reviews of those who have worked answering surveys on their platform are very positive. So, we have nothing to fear with this site.

How does Ipsos i-Say pay?

The site pays once we have completed the required points to claim the rewards. The minimum score to change them is 218.

The payout is the best moment of your survey panel experience. Finally, get your money for the opinion you have given on issues. The ways that you have at i-say to pay out money are very varied. What is nice, is you can already pay out when you have reached a balance of 2 euros. You have many options and do not have to wait long until you can collect your earnings.

Withdraw Money From Ipsos I-say

Once we have reached the minimum amount of points, we choose the option of our choice. We enter the required data and then wait for the payment to arrive. Shipping time is 2-3 weeks for PayPal, and 24 hours for gift cards, after request.

You can request a payout via PayPal for about 218 points (2 euros) at the time of writing. The money will then be in your PayPal account within 2 to 3 weeks. From here you can transfer it to your bank or use it at other websites that accept PayPal. It is important to use the same email address on your i-say account as you use PayPal. Your payment will go to the PayPal account that is linked to the same email address.

Does Ipsos I-say Really Pay?

Rewards and I-S depend on stock depending on each moment, it will take more or less time to reach home. There are times when one item on the panel may have too much stock and the other too little. Or the postman is late. Precisely for this reason, the specific delivery time by i-Say is a few weeks. In some ways, this gives them more room for “healing themselves with health” and strategy. Delivery time of decathlon gift card is 1 to 4 weeks.

In practice, i-Say pays off much faster than I thought. PayPal payments are very fast. In the worst case, it takes two days. In the case of gift cards, like Yougov, we’ve already seen that they can take up to four weeks. Since this is the first time I have applied for a physical reward, I had reservations about the time of delivery.
To give you an idea, I exchanged points on January 5th. On the 22nd of the same month, I received a gift card at my address. In total, a little over two weeks. Or more specifically, seventeen days.

i-Say sends physical rewards via post. We can indicate that they send it to us at home, at work, etc.
I am attaching the last redeemed prizes from i-say. This time there was money through PayPal. Thus the guide is updated with the latest payments. And why not say, it turns out that i-Say gives.

Pros and Cons


1. High compensation per completed survey.
2. Lotteries where you have a chance to win extra points or prizes.
3. You can spend the points in different ways.
4. Participating in a survey takes relatively little time.
5. Handige i-Say app.


1. Paypal payment is taking too long
2. Amazon gave me problems redeeming the check, although, in the end, I was able to solve it.

How Valuable Is I-say?

We already know the i-Say survey panel much better. And we know that it is 100% reliable. In my opinion, it is very interesting that you can charge by Paypal. In the past, we could only exchange points for Gift Cards and Electronic Vouchers. I have said many times that if I spend my time making money online, I prefer to withdraw the earnings in cash. And not in prizes. Luckily, the possibility of withdrawing through Paypal is now available at i-Say. Somehow, this fact completely meets my expectations.

Before finishing I want to mention Jesus, a regular reader of the blog. He was the one who recommended i-Say to me, so what less than to thank him for this great recommendation. When you work so many sites, sometimes one or another escapes you. I had read opinions about i-Say, but since I was registered with OpineYGane (which pays with Cards and Vouchers), it passed me by. Currently, after several months of working on the panel, I can say that it is worth it. For me, i-Say is one of the best paid survey sites on the internet.

Isay Ipsos Legal or Scandal?

Is iSay a scam? No, i-Say is a trusted page that offers its services to both clients (companies) and users who want to make money for many years. Its well-managed and excellent performance has made this panel one of the leaders in the sector.

Despite it being a relatively new platform and very few people know about it, it knows how to quickly gain fame. But the question exists among users as to whether it is really a reliable page or a scam. But the truth is that it has been proven that I-Say is 100% reliable and pays to redeem or withdraw your points every time. So far they have no option but to issue a payment receipt, but users agree that the payment is very timely.

The Ipsos i-Say company is globally recognized because it conducts market research in almost every country in the world, including the American continent, under its sub-brand Libra.

Main Features

There are some considerations of i-Say that should be mentioned separately. The most important are these:

1. Sometimes the panel activates the option to invite other members. For every friend we invite to i-Say we will be rewarded with 100 points. Remember that these promotions are not always active.

2. At i-Say we can also receive other types of invitations. If we want, we can participate in chats, group discussions, etc. It is not usual, but it is possible that they reach us and I already anticipate that they are very well remunerated. On the other hand, in the i-Say panel, we can also be content creators. There is the possibility to create a poll, publish it and have users give their opinion. Thanks to the contributions of the users of the i-Say community we will see our concerns answered.

3. i-Say compensates with points when we are discarded in a survey. Depending on the time spent and the final remuneration, we will receive one amount or another. As I have shown before, they can give us between 25 and 30 points if we have already started the survey. If they discard us first, they usually get 5 extra points.

4. Depending on the prize we choose, it may take more or less. The maximum term is the 4 weeks that it may take for the physical prizes to arrive. Now we can also redeem points for money on Paypal. This prize did not exist and is the last one they have added.

Privacy & Personal Data

i-Say considers protecting your personal data very important. They will never try to sell you anything they state, and the information you provide is used for research purposes only. You must provide your age and gender. This is used for selecting participants for a survey. In this way, a reliable picture can be given. Your personal information will never be passed on to others. Only to customers for whom the surveys are conducted. If you want to read more about the privacy policy, you can go to the i-Say website.

Customer Support of Isay Ipsos

On i-Say.com you will find an extensive page with frequently asked questions. There you can find answers to questions about your profile, earning and redeeming points, and the competitions that the panel organizes. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, you can contact customer service via the contact form on the website. You will then receive a response within two working days.

Within the site, there is a page with frequently asked questions. You can find different topics here very easily. First, check if your question is listed here. If your question and answer are not listed here, you can always contact customer service. You can fill in your name, e-mail address, and your question or problem and send it to us. You will receive a message about this as soon as possible.

Is i-Say Reliable?

To be fair, you read different opinions on the internet. Also negative. But on average, these come out at a satisfactory level. It is often the negative people who quickly throw a bad review online, so getting a pass is difficult enough.

Incidentally, our own experiences are only positive and that is the only thing we can really control. Therefore, we believe that this website is reliable. The balance is correctly tracked and updated quickly. We have never seen anything go wrong when it comes to paying out the rewards.

The fame of Isay Ipsos

i-Say is an online community with approximately 3 million members. i-Say is part of Ipsos, a large market research agency. They conduct more than 70 million interviews per year with more than 4,900 clients in more than 99 countries. Ipsos was founded in 1975.

How can I cancel my i-Say account?

When you are logged in to your account, go to ‘settings’ and then you can click on unsubscribe. You can specify another reason why you want to unsubscribe from this site. After that, you are unsubscribed and you will no longer receive anything from i-Say.

Conclusions: Isay Ipsos

Do you want to easily earn money and gift cards with your laptop or mobile? You will be rewarded for participating in research via the i-Say community. Companies and institutions submit issues to i-Say and by joining the community you can benefit from very nice rewards. The i-Say community already consists of more than 3 million+ members and you can sign up completely free of charge
It may be a bargain, but i-say is just a good party to fill out surveys with. We just recommend that you sign up right away and check it out for yourself. A big advantage of i-Say is that you can also do it on your phone, as the research panel has its own app.

Ipsos i-Say is a serious and recommendable page in constant evolution. From the first moment, they make it clear that it is not a site to earn a lot of money, but an easy and safe way to earn good rewards without much effort.
Although money through PayPal is the most striking reward, prizes in the form of discount vouchers for many stores (both physical and online) are an excellent way to save, which today is luxurious

If you like to give your opinion in simple surveys and in the process, you want to get interesting prizes, do not hesitate and register for free by pressing the button that you will see just below.


Anyone who has worked with survey sites knows that you have to ask certain questions to get to know the site and to know if it is really trustworthy. Here we answer some of those frequently asked questions.

How many points can I earn per survey?

Earning varies from 5 to 500 points per survey.

How many surveys can you receive?

There isn’t really a fixed number of surveys per day or week. However, we can usually receive 1 a day or 6 a week.

How can you redeem points and earn money?

In the panel, choose the ” Rewards ” option to exchange the points for money or gift cards.

How many surveys will I get?

The number of surveys you receive may vary considerably. Typically, your email arrives about four or five times a month, although depending on how you fill out your profile, you can get more or less.

How do exchange points for prizes?

Once logged in, you’ll need to go to the Rewards → Gift Area section. It is important to fill in your address and postal code correctly so that there are no problems with receiving rewards at home (if they are physical rewards).

Advantages of using Ipsos I-say

Truly, Ipsos I-say has many points in its favor. Next, some of them:

A fast and simple interface.

Its interface is understandable at first sight, and, therefore, very easy to use. That same simplicity makes this site a fast platform.

Diversity of rewards.

Compared to other survey sites, this one offers a range of alternatives to redeem our points.

Easy registration.

Your registration is very easy and fast.

Excellent loyalty program.

It has one of the best loyalty programs that we have seen on paid survey sites. Monthly, the points obtained in this way will be part of your total earnings.

Good support team.

The technical team is quick and attentive to solving any problem or inconvenience that we have.

The mobile app of Isay Ipsos

In addition, once we are users, we have the possibility to use your application to answer surveys from anywhere we are. Log in now to Ipsos I Say

Disadvantages in Isay Ipsos

However, it has certain disadvantages compared to other survey sites:

  • Available in very few countries.
  • In this way, users from many countries cannot participate in it.
  • It takes a long time to pay by PayPal.


Survey invitations are sent by email. You will immediately see your current balance of points in the email. In our experience, your mailbox will not end up full of spam, but there are enough invitations for surveys. It is important to know how to deal with this. You can feel overwhelmed, this is not the intention. You have to make the number of invitations your own. For this reason, we recommend doing 2 things:

  • See the opportunity, there are plenty of invites and so you will have plenty of opportunities to earn.
  • Create a rule in your mailbox that moves all emails from i-say to a separate folder. Then you also have an overview of the other e-mails.

The number of e-mails with invitations is not too bad, but we also understand that it is not very pleasant cognitively if you come across e-mails from something you only feel like every now and then. If you apply the rule for your mailbox, you can sometimes think “hey, let me fill in a questionnaire!” and then you go to the folder with invitations to join. Or you log in to your account, then you immediately see all open invitations. In addition, you can even as an alternative change in your settings whether and how often you want to receive emails with invitations.

The questionnaires

The questionnaires vary widely in subject matter and length. For this reason, before you start with a questionnaire, you will also see what the research is about, how long it takes, and how much you will earn for it, in a transparent way. Investigations can be about products, services, brands, and even political issues. Because the studies vary, you will find some questionnaires more interesting than others.
After completing an investigation, you will immediately receive the reward in your account. So you don’t have to wait until i-say has received the payment from the client. You will be paid immediately after completing the questionnaire.

The points system

The website uses a very simple points system. Each point equals about one cent. Some rewards cost more points than others. This is especially important to remember when choosing a payout method.

Opinions About Ipsos Isay Ipsos Opinions

The vast majority of users on the Internet give positive opinions about this site. Among the positive opinions, the following stand out:

1. A reliable site.
2. Good flow of surveys.
3. Diversity of rewards.
4. A good loyalty program.

This is an ideal platform to earn money through surveys. It really is worth working on. We hope this article has been quite useful for you. What are you waiting for to try it?

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