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Hintsters Review | How to Make Money on Hintsters

Hintsters review welcomes you first. If you want to know how to make money and how it works. Today you can find out everything in the Hintsters review.

Hintsters is a survey platform that will pay you only $ 5 to sign up. There are two ways to make money on this platform: payment surveys and reviews. You can earn $ 0.50 to $ 1 per survey. Payment for review may vary though. Learn how to earn money with paid surveys and reviews with this platform.

It Survey is a survey panel that will allow us to earn money by completing paid surveys.

One thing that differentiates it from other platforms is that it offers us a good remuneration for making reviews of products and services, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.
This panel belongs to the surveys that pay by Paypal, which is your only payment method. And so far users from all over the world can use it. If you want to earn money with paid surveys, check out the review we have done on this platform.

What is Hintsters Survey?

HintstersSurveys is owned by Dale Network, Inc. This platform allows us to earn money by taking paid surveys and giving our opinion on products or certain services such as restaurants, hotels, movies, books, applications, games, etc.

It makes its payments mainly through Paypal and does not have a referral system. Although you can put the page in Spanish, most of the platform is still in English, it is not translated. But you can use the Google translator in your browser to use the platform in Spanish or others.

About of Hintsters

This panel is part of Dale Network Incorporate, a California, United States company. They originally focus on North and South America with their activities (1.5 million members) but are now expanding worldwide with their panels. Basically, like all panels, they mainly conduct research through questionnaires. So answer questions about money. The topics can vary slightly and sometimes you will also be able to do more varied studies such as testing websites, testing products, and assessing advertisements.

However, they have also thought of offering all kinds of review options so that you can share your experience with restaurants, hotels, shops, films and series, games, and apps in the area. Pretty cool! It just doesn’t work very well in many countries yet.

How to register on HintstersSurveys?

Signing up for Hintsters is free of charge and the process is simple. At the top, the “Registration” option appears at the top. 

Signing up for Hintsters is extremely easy, probably easier than other similar networks. In fact, everything is done in a single step. All you have to do is go to the site, you will find at the bottom of the button for quick access, in a single form you will find all the fields to fill out. They are always more or less the same on all panels, namely: name, surname, age, address, etc. Once complete, be sure to tick the two boxes for privacy and finally click the blue button to “sign up for free.” I forgot to say, but if you follow me for a while, you know it’s clear that Hintster’s registration and use are free, so there’s no payment and no subscription, they’ll pay you. Sometimes, in addition to the privacy boxes, there is also a button with antispam, also nothing special in this case, just check the relevant box.

Enter the requested data such as names, email, address, and gender, among others. Then, you will receive a confirmation message in your email. Once you have completed this entire process you will receive a $5 gift.

The first thing you should do, when you are inside, is to fill in your profile information to complete new surveys. Go to the “Surveys” option and a bar will appear at the bottom right with the option to complete your entire profile.

The registration form will contain the following information:

email address;
your name and surname;
the country and county in which you live;
postal code and home address;
phone number (this field is optional);
national official language;
your date of birth and gender.

As you can see, you have something to fill out in this registration form. It seems a bit exaggerated to ask for so much information for a simple survey site.

Get your first $ 5 bonus now

Upon registration, you can immediately receive the first $ 5 which will be credited immediately. To do this, simply confirm your email address. In fact, upon registration, you will be sent an email with a link to click. By clicking on the link you will be catapulted to the site and you will have already confirmed your email automatically, thus receiving the $ 5 bonus. Very easy right?

How to make money on HintstersSurveys?

HintstersSurveys does not have a referral system, so there are only two ways to earn money: paid surveys and reviews.

Doing paid surveys

To start doing surveys, you must go to the option: «Surveys» (surveys in English). Once you are there, all the available surveys in which you can participate will appear.

These surveys can be completed in a period of 15 to 20 minutes. And the payment revolves around $0.50 and $1 for each one. We have also prepared the best surveys in Spain, in case you want to learn how to earn more money with surveys.

Hintsters Review

HintstersSurveys will also allow you to review different products and services. You can search for a specific product or service. If it is a physical place like a restaurant, you can also filter the establishment by the area where you are.

The process is similar to reviewing a product in an online store or streaming service. You can leave reviews, ratings, and even photos. Another thing is that reviews should not always be positive and have 5 stars. Hintsters values ​​your honesty, even if that means giving a bad review. This way you will also receive rewards.

Of course, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the platform, before making reviews. So that you are not penalized for violating any condition of use.

Control panel and paid surveys

The control panel is very simple, in the center you will find the list with offers, the list includes payment surveys, short questions, and other panels for subscriptions. For each offer, the estimated time to complete it and the compensation in dollars are shown. From what we’ve confirmed, fees range from $ 0.40 to $ 1.50 for a maximum of 15 minutes. Offers are uninterrupted so it is possible to collect a small initial nest egg in a few days.

As always, to get more offers, I suggest filling out the basic questions, you will find them on the main page on the right, there are 6 on technology, travel, health, etc. These are a bit annoying, but you can fill them up a bit when you have the time. Apparently, already receiving the 5 bonus, no other compensation is paid for the personal profile. However, the truth remains that if your personal profile is filled out, you are more likely to get new offers.


In this section, you will see a summary of all your earnings and what you have left to request payment. You will be able to see the total earnings, the balance at that moment, what you have left to redeem the prize, and the balance remaining if you have one. You will also be able to see the history of the full survey and the reviews you have created.

Earn Money Online From Hintsters

Theoretically, on a survey site, you need to answer a few questions that appear on your profile. Based on this profile, you will get surveys. And in the case of this survey site, you need to fill out a profile that contains the following fields:

1. Basic information such as race, income, social status, or number of children;
2. Technology, such as owning a computer, mobile phones, camcorders, early adoption of the latest technology, games, and much
3. Professional specialization, such as job title, position in the company, number of employees, or income;
4. Information about your health (illness, glasses, smoking, or eating habits);
5. Your car (model, how you bought it if you own a motorcycle);
6. Travel (because, of how you travel, the airline of your choice, accommodation).

Once you complete your profile, you will receive surveys. Each survey will contain details about the topic, how long it takes to complete, and the value of the prize.
Even if you have passed the stage of completing that profile, you will answer specific eligibility questions in each survey. They will determine if you have completed the profile seriously and therefore you are eligible for the survey.

Pros and Cons of Hintsters Surveys

Like all the platforms we’ve reviewed at CGD, Hintsters has its pros and cons:


  1. Free registration.
  2. $5 gift when creating an account.
  3. Both your positive and negative reviews will be taken into account.
  4. Each survey will indicate its duration and its reward.
  5. Pay through Paypal.


  1. Too strict terms and conditions. One small mistake and you could lose your account.
  2. Very high minimum withdrawal amount.
  3. Redemption may be refused if you violate the terms and conditions.

Withdrawal Minimum

Hintsters has Paypal as the only payment method. The minimum amount to make your withdrawals is $25. The platform offers you a summary that tells you how much money you have and how much you need to request the reward.

By clicking on the menu under “Rewards” in the top right, you’ll see yourself on a new page showing everything related to your earnings on Hintsters. In the first few lines, you will see the overall balance and how much you still need to redeem the reward. The payout is probably a little higher, but is consistent with many panels and is set at $ 25. Considering the $ 5 bonus and 6/7 survey that you will already get at the beginning, about $ 10 will be enough to get paid.

Under the Earnings Summary, you will find the button to collect your compensation. Once you reach $ 25, you can claim them by clicking “Redeem Here”. PayPal is paid exclusively. It is reliable, it always pays users who have reached the minimum threshold for collecting prizes, and the panel always respects the delivery time indicated. Reaching this minimum threshold is not difficult, because you earn with Hintstar not only through surveys but also by reviewing the products you use.

Is Hintsters Leight?

According to the investigation we conducted, this platform is still paying and is a valid page since it is legal.

If you are a repeat offender for making money through these internet pages, you should know that they pay on time. In addition, going into the history of this company we can understand that it is still standing, which means that this project has been very successful. In short, if you are not part of this interesting platform, I invite you to register and start earning a few dollars with it, which is no doubt bad.

Always remember that with the methods of making money we do not become millionaires, rather it is a small commission added to your economy.

Does HintstersSurveys pay?

Yes, HintstersSurveys is a serious platform that makes its payments on time. On the web, you can find positive reviews about it. Of course, you must be attentive to the terms and conditions of the platform, since they are very rigid with them. If you fail to comply with any, you will not be able to request your payment.

Here we leave you a list of the most reliable surveys so that you increase your chances of earning money with paid surveys.

Opinions of Hintsters Surveys

HintstersSurveys is a good platform for taking surveys. Although it takes a little while to reach the minimum payment amount, it has an advantage and that is that the surveys do not last long. Also, the $5 gift for signing up is a great help.

The only thing to be careful about is the terms and conditions. Before using it, we recommend you read them to avoid any penalty and the loss of our earnings. For the rest, it is a platform that we recommend in CGD.

Final judgment

Another panel to keep on our shelf. Nothing more, it is not a particularly innovative and captivating panel, but it does its duty, offers various surveys, and pays on Paypal, my preferred method. Positive is therefore the ease of use, both in signing up and in completing the offers, the welcome bonus of $ 5 is also excellent, very easy to redeem, and the payment method.

The negative is that there is no program to make money by inviting friends. Often with referrals, you can accumulate a little money. Another negative note is in my opinion the payout at $ 25, I prefer the panels that keep it at a maximum of $ 10. Another downside is that the rewards expire after 365 days, so if you successfully complete a survey today, you’ll need to reach the minimum payment within a year to avoid losing money. It encourages activity, but also creates a point of stress that I don’t like at all.

For a definitive final judgment, in my opinion, we still have to wait a bit, it is a panel that has not been in the European market for very long, so we will see if it will invest also by adding new earnings opportunities.


This survey panel is not in the top 10 best reliable survey sites. So we recommend that you first take a look at the panels there to sign up. With those ten together, you can easily earn a few hundred euros per month on additional income.

And on top of that, Hintsters is a nice addition because they distinguish themselves by assessing restaurants, hotels, and TV series. However, this has not yet really taken off in many countries. If that happens, the earning potential and therefore our appreciation can still rise considerably, so we hope that this will work for them.

Alternativas a HintstersSurveys

You also have other alternatives to Hintsters Surveys, where you can get better rewards for taking surveys. This time we recommend three:


Toluna is a platform similar to Hintsters, but with more popularity. It has a good flow of surveys and we will get paid to test products for free. Make your payments by Paypal once we reach €35. If you want to know more, check out our Toluna review.


Loopsterpanel is another survey panel that offers us up to €1.50 for each survey we complete. When we reach €10, we can withdraw our earnings through Paypal and Amazon. Here is our Loopsterpanel guide.


YouGov is one of the most popular platforms today, with more than 5 million registered users. We will receive up to €2 reward for each survey and €1.66 per referral. Again, you can see more in our YouGov guide.

Frequently asked questions

Here I am going to leave a few questions that people usually ask about this platform:

1. How do you make money with reviews?

This is what the website says: «You will be rewarded for the quality of your review and the positive comments you received from another Hintsters member. To get more rewards, be sure to write a great review highlighting all the positive and negative things about the product or service and how it compares to others. Include tips to help others have a great experience or make the right choice. ”

2. How can I receive more surveys?

Here I am going to write directly since you have to do exactly the same as on any survey platform. The most important thing is to have your profile updated, so companies will be interested in you and send you more. It is also recommended to access once a day to check if there are available surveys.

3. How to write a good review?

I also quote exactly what they put on the page: “Readers pay more attention when a review is personal and passionate. Share a personal note about why some things are more important to you. Try to highlight all the good and bad things about the product or service and how it compares to others.”

4. How Much Money Can You Make With Hintsters?

How much you earn with a particular panel is based on two things: first, how many rewards are received per survey, and second, how many surveys are received per week/month. It’s that simple.

At the first point, this panel itself scores reasonably well, say in the middle. Not bad, but not good. At the same time, the scope of the study that you can participate in is limited. Unfortunately, the bonus that this panel should have with local store reviews still doesn’t work.

5. Hintsters Trustpilot

You may be wondering how well this panel scores on Trustpilot. Well, in short, not so good! But this is only based on one review of coincidentally 1 star. We think this is not yet very representative.

6. Is it reliable?

Basically, there is nothing to doubt about reliability. Rewards are paid nicely and your PayPal balance is paid correctly within a few days. It is an official company that must comply with privacy laws. Hintsters is owned and operated by Dale Network Inc., a US, US Hispanic, and Latin American online marketing company, also known as Dale! Network whose financial address is
20929 Ventura Blvd Suite 47339 Woodland Hills, CA 91364.

Like any marketing company, it is interested in public opinion and rewards them with money in return. Rewarding people for completing surveys is nothing new.

7. Is it worth it?

In the panorama of sites that offer rewards for filling out surveys and answering questionnaires, it is spreading among Hintsters enthusiasts. Obviously, we could not test it and after several months we can finally express a first substantial personal opinion. As we said Hintsters is a panel of paid surveys, nothing more, nothing less. Made in a somewhat spartan way, but with pleasant surprises.

The panel refers to Dale Network, Inc. the same company that also manages other panels and that deals not only with market surveys but also with advertising in general. The company operates a little all over the world and has recently also entered the European market.
Dale Network, Inc.’s panels are translated into dozens of languages ​​and now have hundreds of thousands of subscribers around the world.

8. Provide hints

Upon completion of a survey, you will immediately receive the reward credited to your account balance. Everything is tracked in US dollars. You can then pay this from P 25 via PayPal. It’s linked to your email address, so make sure you’ve used the right one for your account. There are no other exchange options.

9. How does Hintsters work?

You can register without obligation and of course free of charge. You do have to fill in a little more information about your address compared to other panels. Then it is important to fill in the profile characteristics. This won’t get you a reward, but it will ensure that you only get good invites for new surveys.

If you don’t do this, and if you don’t keep up with it, it is possible that you receive invitations for surveys after which you do not appear to fall into the target group during the filling in. And then you are not allowed to complete the questionnaire and you will not receive any compensation.

You can find the invitations for new surveys in your account, but you will also receive them by email. You are free to ignore these as you never have to participate. So if you don’t feel like it or have the time, that’s fine too. To be able to determine this properly, it is always stated in advance what the reward will be and how long it will take to complete.

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