How Does Greenpanthera Work?: Register & You Get a $2 Free

How Does Greenpanthera Work? When we talk about GreenPanthera, we are referring to a great internet-paid survey site. Despite not being one of the oldest in the sector, the opinions about the company have been positive and it is widely accepted by its users.

Perhaps the plus that makes this panel shine is the number of surveys it can send. You can be bombarded with invitations and I’m not kidding, there are always 3-5 surveys available daily.

Like the rest of the sites that pay to comment, registration is completely free. Not only that, but they offer a generous $2 new member incentive. Oh yeah!

In addition, the website is available for several Spanish-speaking countries and pays by PayPal. Important aspects to encourage you to add to your online business portfolio

What is Greenpanthera?

Greenpanthera is a totally free paid survey portal, with which you can

Earn money for completing survey panels.

In addition to offering us the survey panel, this site has more services such as an offer wall with which we can also earn. It is not their strong point, but there they are.

It is worth taking a look at the offers section. Of course, you will have to disconnect the Adblock (if you have it), otherwise, it will not let you enter the section.

If you want to earn more money doing surveys look at yourself:

Finally, greenpanthera has a Cashback section where it has associated stores where we can have special offers and discounts.

Main Features of the Platform

Platform type: Paid survey platform.

Our evaluation: Very good, 8/10.

Payment methods: This platform only makes payments by Paypal.

Minimum withdrawal: In order to withdraw your money you will need to have accumulated $30.

Referral system: Yes, you will earn 10% of everything your referrals generate.

Cash back: Greenpanthera partners with hundreds of stores so you can save some money when shopping.

Platform language: Spanish, English, German, French, among others.

Accepting countries: The platform accepts several Latin American countries, such as Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, and Brazil. In addition, this platform is also available in Spain.

Registration, First Steps, and $2 Free

Does GreenPanthera work? greenpanthera review

The first step to start earning money with this website is to register. Obviously not? You can do it through this link and you will receive your first $2 completely free of charge. You just have to put a name, an email, and a password.

Once done, you will have to press the confirmation link that will be sent to your email. At that time, you will be able to access your account.

I recommend that the first thing you do is complete your personal profile, so you will be 100% prepared to receive the largest number of surveys and in the process get the $2 welcome bonus.

You can do this through the menu “Personal account” → “Personal data”.

The truth is that they don’t ask for a lot of data, so you can complete it in just two minutes. In case it helps you, I leave you the capture of how I left it.

Let’s see below what the Green Panthera registration process consists of step by step:

  • Step 1: Enter the web page, where you will be asked for a name, an email address, and a password.
  • Step 2: Wait for a message from the platform to arrive in your email, open it and click on the confirmation link.
  • Step 3: Your account is now confirmed and you can access “enter my account” and start earning money.

Once inside the Green Panthera homepage, the first thing you should do is complete your personal profile. Only then will you start receiving surveys. It is not complicated at all, you will be able to finish in a couple of minutes and you will receive the famous welcome bonus.

Something you should know beforehand so that you don’t have false expectations is that the minimum withdrawal in Green Panthera is 30 dollars, so you won’t be able to have that welcome bonus at your disposal until you have made 25 more dollars on the platform.

Another important recommendation is that the email you give when you register with Green Panthera is one that you use frequently since that is where the surveys will arrive, and letting too much time pass can mean losing the opportunity to earn extra money.

How Greenpanthera Works

In GreenPanthera there are 3 ways to earn money: surveys, offers, and cashback. Paid surveys will be our first option, as they offer us better rewards. However, the offers and the cashback will help us to get our payment much faster.

paid surveys

You will receive an email each time a new survey is available. You just have to click on the invitation to be redirected to the survey, it’s very simple.

Most surveys offer a reward of $0.75 to $1, and on average take between 5 and 15 minutes.

When you’ve completed a survey, don’t expect to see the money reflected right away. They mention that you will be able to see the money after 1-2 days. However, in my experience, it usually takes around 3-7 days.

This is a security measure to ensure that your users are providing reviews that are of value to your customers. The same goes for ClixSense for surveys over $2.

In my experience, you probably get several surveys invites a day (usually 3-5). This happens thanks to the fact that this site is associated with important market research companies such as Toluna, OpinionWorld, Lucid, etc.

When opening these invitations you will notice that some will not be available. It’s a bit annoying, but luckily it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to verify. There are also surveys that work, and that offer a good reward for your time.

So if you want to earn on Green Panthera through surveys, you have to be a little patient. There will be invalid surveys due to technical failures, but others that close due to completing the maximum number of participants. So make sure you complete them as soon as possible.


Some offers are very simple, like downloading apps and watching short videos, others are more risky, like signing up for a free trial with your credit card.

Risky offers tend to pay much more, but since it’s about making money for free I don’t advise focusing on them. My biggest recommendation is to read the description of each offer well before starting and only complete those that do not ask for a phone number or credit card.

This section can be accessed from the menu “Personal Account” ⇒ “Earn Money” and “OfferWall”.

CashBack (commission for purchases)

This company is associated with several online stores under the cashback system. This means that if you buy through one of their associated stores, they will return a percentage of the total price of the product in the form of a balance to your account.

For example, if I buy a watch that costs $35 and they offer me 5% back, the result will be that I will get a $1.75 balance in my Green Panthera account.

It should be noted that you do not need to buy anything to earn money in the green panther. It is just one more option offered by the platform.

Referral system

We can earn 10% of what the people we invite generate (both surveys, offers, and cashback count). To obtain this benefit, we will only have to copy our invitation link from «Invite your friends» and share it.

The number of people we can invite is unlimited. so we can get a lot out of this system.

How are our rewards paid?

You pay us when you reach $30 through PayPal’s electronic payment processor. The term in which our money will be reflected is 10 business days, although it usually arrives in less time.

Although the threshold to ask for our money is a bit high, it rewards you with the number of surveys you send per day, and the $2 welcome bonus.


  • The number of surveys is actually higher than the majority of pages that work in this modality. Depending on the country where you are, you can even access ten daily surveys, although the normal is an average of 4 to 5. Very well, do not worry, there is work.
  • The page is completely free. What does this mean? Well, they do not charge you anything to register or request payments, there are no commissions or extra fees. The page seems to be quite honest in this regard.
  • Payments are made by PayPal, which is undoubtedly a great advantage. We already talked about the global reach of this payment processor and the good reputation it has earned.
  • The interface is simple, so you don’t have to go through anything. You will be able to access the various menus and sections without complications.
  • The web platform is available for many countries, including almost all of Latin America and several European nations.
  • A great plus of the web is that they are giving away five dollars when registering for the first time. Yes, we already know that you have to earn another 25 to be able to make the withdrawal, but from the outset, they do not fall badly at all.
  • The referral system becomes quite motivating and profitable, especially if you manage to have enough guests.


  • It seemed to me that the wait to receive payments is still a bit exaggerated. If you have an emergency, this is not the page for you.
  • The minimum payment is higher than most of the competition pages. If you don’t make an effort, it will cost you to get there and you will end up getting discouraged.
  • It is very possible that you will not be allowed to complete certain surveys because your profile is not suitable. It can be disappointing, but if you’ve been in this environment for a while, you know that’s how it works.
  • Perhaps this against is not so relevant. Although the page is very well understood, we have seen member complaints pointing out the poor quality of the Spanish translation, this hurts the user experience but can be easily overlooked.

Does Green Panthera Pay? Is It Reliable?

Is what is said about Green Panthera real? Does it really work? The time has come to answer the most important questions of all because it is useless to make a great effort all month in the different activities of the page if you are not going to receive the promised payment.

So does Green Panthera pay? Is it a trustworthy website? We have not found enough arguments to say no, and definitely, the platform does pay.

It is safe?

Surely when you are interested in how to generate money with paid surveys on Green Panthera or another similar page, you will have some doubts regarding reliability, and security and it is not for less, with the scams that circulate today on the network.

More than one acquaintance has spent hours, days, or even months betting all their effort on a supposedly successful platform, only to end up losing everything or getting only a fraction of what they earned after discovering the existence of hidden commissions.

Yes, in fact, according to experts in this environment, there is now no other site that sends out more daily surveys than Green Panthera.


Regarding the payment system, Green Panthera only sends the money through PayPal. The minimum payment is a bit high ($30), but this is offset by a large number of surveys it sends out daily and the $2 it gives away when you sign up for the first time. It is easier than it seems.

Once reached, the way to request the money is extremely simple. It’s as easy as going to the “Withdraw” menu and putting the amount you want to receive into your PayPal account.

To finish, you press the Withdraw button and it’s over, you don’t have to do anything else (except wait, lol).

So that the process does not have any inconvenience, it is recommended that you previously make sure that you have completed all your data (including the PayPal address), in your personal profile. I recommend that you do it as soon as you register so you don’t forget.

Conclusions About Greenpanthera

One of the few bad things that I see on this page is that its minimum withdrawal to collect is a bit high $30.

It is also true that if you take it a little seriously and do daily surveys, you can collect a minimum of $30 in less than a week.

Taking into account that the payment for each survey carried out is between $0.60 and $1.5 and that the first time we will have $2 in our balance, we will only have to earn $25.

Best of all, they usually send out a ton of surveys a week and they’re usually going to give us a good sum of money every time we complete one.

Finally, I have to say that, despite the fact that the site is a bit shabby and the translation into Spanish is quite bad in some cases.
This survey page is one of the ones I liked the most. Especially for the amount of money, you can get to collect if you take it seriously.

And you know that if you have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments.

Until the next post!

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