Is Branded Surveys Legit? How to Get Paid on Branded Surveys?

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Branded Surveys Legit?: How to Make Money on Branded Surveys?

In the world of online paid survey sites, there is nothing quite like brand research. Read our review to find out Is Branded Surveys Legit?  How much you can earn and How to earn more points.

If you are looking for an easy and flexible way to earn money at home, a survey website is your best option.

In a highly competitive field, Brand Research excels at providing a streamlined research experience, sticking to what it does best and doing it well.

How is it useful for you? There is an opportunity to collect points that can be exchanged for shopping coupons or cold money, that’s all.

Register through our link and you will also receive 100 extra points. Let’s start. Perfect.

It’s easy to see why paid survey sites and apps are so popular.
These are easy and comfortable ways to earn PayPal cash and gift cards in your spare time.

Branded Survey This is one of our latest results. It is important to stick with legitimate sites and apps and avoid scams. Read this post to know what you need to know about branded surveys.

What is Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys, also known as “MintVine” (because it was called before) or “Go Branded” (because it’s in the website URL), is one of the best online survey sites that can help you pay for reviews.

These surveys can include anything from your daily habits to what you think is the best restaurant or what TV show you watch. For each survey you complete, you’ll receive points that you can redeem for prizes.

Some of the biggest brands use the answers you provide in brand research as a decision aid, regardless of what products they’re launching next or what audience they’re targeting.

Unlike other paid survey sites like Swagbucks or Toluna, Branded Surveys is a survey-only site; does not offer other ways to earn money, such as: B. Watching videos or cashing back while shopping. In 2017, market research company Mintvine became a branded survey.

The survey website has more than two million members and 60,000 surveys are completed every day they have paid more than $6,000,000 as a reward to members.

Branded survey members pay to complete market research surveys. These surveys are used to gather feedback from different products, brands, and services.
Members also make money in other ways.

Examples include survey management, free trial offers, referrals, and similar tasks

What is Your Brand Research Income?

Your income from brand research depends entirely on the amount of work you do. Before you pay for surveys and withdraw the money you need to earn a minimum amount.

We think brand research is certainly possible, there is one of the most generous survey sites out there.

You are rewarded with points for every survey you do and while long surveys usually pay more, this is not always the case. As the picture above shows, sometimes you find that a small study is worth more points than a study that costs twice as much.

No matter how much you earn, each brand survey point always has the same value: 1 cent (USD). This means 100 points equals $1 and 1,000 points equal $10 for brand research.

This is always the case, which makes it relatively easy to calculate the value of your points at any given time (compared to Toluna, the value of Toluna depends on how you redeem your points).

We call it “relative” because the points are in US dollars, so there is no fixed exchange rate for the British pound. In contrast, the value of Mark’s study point varies depending on the strength of the British pound against the US dollar.

Why You May Get fewer Points?

Fortunately, the value of the US dollar is generally stable against the British pound. $ 1 is usually worth between two 0.70 – € 0.80 This means that 100 brand research points usually match the same point.

Of course, this means that if you accidentally exchange your points on a day when the currency exchange is not good for you, your points may be paid less.

If you’re worried about hitting a tough deal, here’s something to keep in mind there’s no obligation to redeem all your points at once.

So if you think the US dollar is particularly weak against the British pound when withdrawing money, you can keep some in your brand if you exchange If you are satisfied with the rate, collect the research account and the rest.

Pros And Cons

It is important to consider the pros and cons of the survey site before signing up. The list of advantages and disadvantages of my branded survey is based on on-site/company site features and data from third-party resources/reviews.


  • Friendly and modern design
  • Low payment threshold S1O
  • A payment gift card and many more payment options.
  • Get points by being disqualified from the survey.
  • Active members are given bonuses.
  • 8.6 out of 10 Trustpilots with over 18,000 reviews.
  • Survey Matching Engine features give you the surveys you deserve to find help.
  • Available to 13-17-year-olds with parental consent.


  • Sometimes ineligible for election.
  • Many surveys are longer than 20 minutes, but help page surveys are usually 10-20 minutes
  • The Referral bonus for new users is limited.
  • Available in only three countries (the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom).
  • Salary per survey may be lower.

So far, I think the professionals have overcome some of the difficulties. The cons list is quite standard for many survey websites and apps. Location restrictions and feasibility are common issues, but still worth remembering.

I have a few professionals that stand out that members get points when they are disqualified from a survey. It’s frustrating to be banned from surveys, but a little payoff helps a bit. One of the bonuses paid for being an active member Great encouragement.

Branded Surveys Sign in

Signing up for branded surveys is easy and quick. The whole process took me less than 10 minutes and I was finally rewarded with 100 points. Here’s what you need to do

  • Go to the registration page: Enter your email address, a selected password, your gender, and the country in which you are located. Click Sign Up when you’re done.
  • Answer the question on the next page: Enter your name, zip code, and date of birth.
  • Wear your profile: you do it by answering more population-related questions. You will be asked about your level of education, income, ethnicity, and much more.
  • Check your account: go to your email inbox, open the brand survey email and click on the verification link.
  • Get 100 points: Go to your dashboard and you will see 100 authorized points in your account balance.

That’s it, and you get $1.00 in points! There is also an option to sign up using your Facebook account which seems equally easy.

Brand Survey Point System

The branded survey point system is very easy to understand. 1,000 points equals $10, so one point Equals $ 0.01.

Before you complete a survey or offer, you will always see how many points they cost. A live view of your earned and approved points appears at the top of your dashboard.

Brand Surveys Way to Earn Money

Despite the name, there are different ways to make money from the brand study. This section is yours
There are many details about earning options.


Surveys are the main way to earn money. I took a look at my member panel to see how much the surveys are worth. Here’s a look at what I found

  • 5-minute survey worth 68 points.
  • 10-minute survey worth 200 points.
  • 20-minute survey worth 360 points.
  • 25-minute survey worth 400 points.

The duration of the survey and the rewards are quite wide. The good thing about this is that you can pick and choose the ones that meet your needs.

If you don’t have much time, stay tuned for short surveys. If time is not an issue, you can try higher-paying surveys.

The survey list above does not include partner surveys. You can find details of those surveys in the Partner Offers section below

Free partner offer

The free partner offer means you don’t have to spend money to complete the tasks. Branded surveys have a pretty good selection of these offers. Here are some of the ones I currently have available

  • Clip and print free coupons for 9 points.
  • Download and sign up for a free 20 points cash back app.
  • Sign up for a partner survey site for 10 points.
  • Subscribe to an email from a travel website for 11 points.
  • Sign up for a partner survey site for 30 points.
  • Download a free game and reach a certain level for 141 points
  • Subscribe to email from a free sample site for 20 points.
  • Complete a couple of surveys for 67 points.
  • Complete a couple of surveys for 49 points.
  • Watch a series of video ads for a point.

There are dozens of other jobs that are similar to the ones above. Most free offers require you to submit your name and email address.

Paid partner offer

Offers offered to partners fall into two different categories. With some offers, you pay for a product or service and you are paid to complete the offer.

For other offers, you sign up for a free trial with a credit or debit card. You must remember to cancel the subscription once the free trial is over or your credit card is charged.

Here are some examples of both types of offers from my dashboard.

  • Sign up for a 30-day software trial with your credit card for 166 points.
  • Please sign up for a monthly video game rental service for  255 points.
  • Subscribe to a background check website for  383 points.
  • Sign up for the free Phone Trial for 49 points.
  • Sign up for a free trial of VPN service for 128 points.

Many people avoid payment offers because they do not want to spend money and it is very understandable. Free trials that require credit card details are actually free
But when the free trial ends, you will automatically be signed up for a paid product or service.

This means that you should be careful to complete free trials on time to avoid spending money.

Branded Surveys Referral

Sharing is caring and very useful also in brand research. If you take the brand survey, you can scroll down any page and see a button labeled “Invite Friends” under the “Benefits” heading.

Then click on that button and you will be directed to their referral center that has your unique invite link.

For anyone who signs up through your link and goes on to earn the Silver Branded Elite badge, you’ll receive an extra 50 points You need at least a silver badge to accumulate points, but the number of referrals is unlimited.

So the earning potential here it can be extended to your social environment.

The referral system for branded surveys is a little different from the other sites I’ve used. Bronze members (members with less than 600 points) do not make money by referring to new users.

Elite Silver members (600 points) and Elite Gold members (2100 points) earn 50 points when referring new users. However, the 50-point bonus is given only when the referral reaches the Elite Silver level.

Daily vote

Daily surveys are an incredibly fast and easy way to earn. You answer a question and you get five points right away. Take daily surveys daily for a month to earn about 60 points.

Elite Systems and Bonuses

Branded Elite Hall is a three-tier system based on member participation. Progress through the level of earning points on set milestones. Bonuses are based on the number of fully approved surveys per week. Bonuses are given at each level below There you are

Bonus for Bronze Members (0 to 599 points)

  • 5% bonus for completing 12 surveys in seven days.
  • 7% bonus for completing 20 surveys in seven days.
  • 9% bonus for completing 30 surveys in seven days.

Silver Elite Member Bonus (600 to 2,099 points)

  • 10% bonus for completing 12 surveys in seven days.
  • 12% bonus for completing 20 surveys in seven days.
  • 14% bonus for completing 30 surveys in seven days.
  • 50-point referral bonus when your referral reaches Silver Elite Status.

Bonus for Gold Elite members (2.100 points or more)

  • 15% bonus for completing 12 surveys in seven days.
  • 17% bonus for completing 20 surveys in seven days.
  • 19% bonus for completing 30 surveys in seven days
  • 50 point bonus when your referral reaches Silver Elite Status.

How Much Can Be Earned With a Brand Survey?

In the case of survey sites, it is somewhat difficult to estimate how much you can earn. I used two resources to see how much you can earn through branded surveys.

The following list contains real examples directly from my member’s panel. There are also third-party reviews that mention earnings. Here’s what I found

  • Half of my board poles are mostly 35-70 points.
  • Half of my dashboard surveys range from 100 to 400 points.
  • A Reddit user earned $ 130 from a branded survey in 2018.
  • A Trustpilot reviewer has earned 1,000 points in four weeks.
  • Current free membership offers range from 1 to 67 points.
  • Member survey ranges from 50 to 350 points.
  • Watching a set of video ads from a partner is worth one point, and There are dozens of sets you can see.
  • Offers offered by partners range from about 50 points to several hundred points. Remember that you have to make a purchase for the given offers.

In general, it seems quite easy to earn a few dollars a month if you use branded surveys.

You can earn $ 10 or more per month with daily use member levels increase and referrals. This is quite standard for a paid survey site or app.

Use our signup bonus to earn 100 points

The first is that, without an account, you can’t have one. Score points in brand research. But don’t use our link directly, just sign up to receive 100 special prizes.

You can usually only get 50 points for creating a Branded Surveys account.

Do yourself a favor and sign up with us to double your benefits. It’s the exact same process and the time it takes is the same, so it’s free!

Complete daily adjustment

Daily surveys are probably the easiest way to earn points in brand research.
Every day the site shows you a new survey at the bottom of your dashboard.

This is a simple multiple-choice question priced at Five Points. Any member of the branding studio can use it in its entirety.

You may find that this doesn’t always apply to you, but you can usually say something like “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure.” And if not, brand research recommends responding as much as possible. So there’s no reason not to just rack up five points every day!

Rank High on the Leaderboard to Get Bonuses

Check the left sidebar (again in the “Menu” section of your mobile device) and you will see a link that will take you to the brand research rankings. This represents the ranking of all members of the website.

There are multiple tables for daily, weekly, and monthly ranking lists of accumulated points. There is fierce competition for top quality, but when you do, you will receive a bonus as a reward.

These are the prizes to compete for according to the positions you occupy daily, weekly and monthly:

Top 50 per day – 50 points
Top 50 each week – 200 points
Top 20 per month – 300 points.

Complete the Member Survey

If you miraculously exhaust all other opportunities to earn points on brand research, partner surveys are still waiting for you.

These surveys work just like the regular surveys you can find in the dashboard, but they are not hosted on branded surveys and, as the name suggests, they are conducted by the company’s research partners.

Interestingly, the performance of these studies is not as generous as that of brand studies. If you have any problems, you should contact the partner company. In the end, however, there is still the opportunity to complete additional surveys in exchange for points.

When it comes to flexible and easy ways to earn money, research sites can hardly be beaten. And as we have just explained, brand research is one of the best and most profitable options.

So, what are you waiting for? Use our link to sign up, get your 100 reward points and start using!

Complete the Questionnaire

As the name suggests, research is the main way to make money from brand research.

The surveys you can use are listed in several places: in the Survey Spotlight on your brand’s dashboard or in the regular emails you receive from the website. We are not kidding when we say that you will receive many of these emails.

Therefore, you should consider using an email alias to sign up to avoid cluttering up your main inbox.

Even if you choose to access your surveys, you should take plenty of surveys every day. You usually can’t see the content of each survey before you click, but most will advertise it because it matches that person’s profile.

Therefore, these studies tend to have the least loose relationship with you, your work, and your interests. The longer you remain a member, the less likely you are to accept surveys you deem inappropriate or later decline. The more you complete brand surveys, the better you will understand the types of surveys that will be sent to you.

How much can you earn from surveys?

Brand research tells us that each survey typically pays between 50 and 500 points, which experience has shown to be correct. Although we pay around 40 points on many surveys, there is no guarantee.

As mentioned above, longer studies are often more valuable, but not always. If you can take several different surveys but don’t know which one will use your time best, it can be helpful to calculate the cost per minute for each survey.

In the photo above, the first survey takes 16 minutes and pays 250 points. At the same time, the second study paid 92 points, which took 7 minutes. Deciding which studio will give you the best price may seem a bit difficult, but calculating the result per minute (we call it). PPM From now on) the selection is much easier.

To calculate PPM, simply divide the resulting estimate by the number of minutes it takes to complete the survey. If you perform this surgery on the study image above, you will find that the PPM of Study 1 is around 15.6, while the PPM of Study 2 is a little higher than 13.1

Therefore, one of the two surveys offered is the most effective way to earn points.

Now, remember that in a brand study, 100 points equal $1, and you too Calculate the hourly wage for the survey you provided. The PPM of a study is 15.6, the result of the calculation is 936 points per hour, the equivalent of $9.36 per hour.

At the time of writing, £6.86 an hour is still close to the national minimum wage for 18-20-year-olds in the UK. It’s not bad to answer a few quick questions.

Complete the personal data survey

We mentioned earlier that the more active you are on the site, the more brand research can help you understand what surveys are being sent to you.

The fastest and most efficient way is to do it Complete the survey in your account You can find it by clicking on “My Account” (under “Settings” in the sidebar or in the “Menu” section of your mobile device).

Here you can see a total of nine studies on travel to health. Each summary survey contains only a small number of questions (usually fewer than 10), so each question should not exceed a few minutes.

The survey with advanced profiles is the longest with 50 points, while all the others pay 10 points. While this may not seem like much, keep in mind that profile surveys are much shorter than regular surveys.

And more importantly, anyone can use them, so there is no risk and when you start the survey you will find that you don’t so Meet the conditions.

Brand survey payment information

Redeeming points in brand research is a fairly straightforward process. On the left sidebar (below the “Menu” section of your mobile device) you’ll see a button labeled “Payment Options”. Click on that button and you will see all the payment methods listed above.

All you have to do is select the payment method you want, confirm your choice via email, and then enter the points you want to redeem.

Once your application is approved, you will receive a payment within one or two hours. It’s easy. If you have at least 1,000 points ($ 10) in your authorized points balance, you can redeem your points for payment.

These are currently available payment options

  • Branded Pay (Wire Transfer Service for Direct Deposit)
  • PayPal
  • Gift cards for dozens of VISA stores: Amazon AMC, Applebees, Barnes, and Noble eBay, Fandango, Google Play, Hulu, and more.

When you have enough points, click on the payment options on the left side of your member’s panel. Choose the payment option you want Click Point Redeem for your rewards It takes about 1-2 business days to get approved.

Is Branded Surveys Legit?

Branded Survey This is a very good quality website and it is easy to use.  There is nothing illegal here. It is completely legal.

The fact is that nothing can be 100% guaranteed through the internet.  But the branded survey tries its best not to disclose our information.  Their website uses server software SSL and firewall, which is very secure. 

They always protect the privacy policy.  You will be given a unique password after accounting in Branded Survey and you will maintain the privacy of your account.  Do not give the password to anyone else.  So you can say that branded surveys are not illegal.

branded surveys review

How Branded Surveys Work

Brand surveys provide a hassle-free way to earn extra money. There are no fees or setup requirements for online surveys, and it’s a great opportunity for stay-at-home parents, busy college students, and everyone in between.

They use a survey matching engine and do their best to match surveys and members as closely as possible.

The more member surveys you have, the more money you can earn! Members love the freedom, flexibility, multiple reward options, and fast payments that come with community members.

What is the goal of brand surveys?

They believe in good membership management. Customers benefit. The reverse is also true. They want to help their members earn as much money as possible by spending their time branding surveys for their customers.

They are always looking for ways to improve the system to provide a better voting experience and more opportunities for members to earn points.

Their second goal is to provide members with the best platform to voice their opinions. Members of our community provide feedback that helps businesses make business decisions.

When they conduct brand surveys, they are part of something special. They pride themselves on the community they have created and the quality of market research they provide to their clients.

The latest thought

It’s easy to see that Branded Surveys is a legitimate paid survey site using PayPal if you want an easy way to create cash or free gift cards.

Branded surveys are quite transparent when it comes to how much you can earn from them. You may not be rich, but you can easily earn PayPal cash and gift cards.

Do you want access to dozens of survey sites and apps? Frugal for less you covered. We recommend using multiple apps and sites at the same time.
But check out these posts for great options.

How to Find a Bad Survey Site: Simple 10Tips

  • Looking for Red Flags If you want to do a legitimate survey for money, beware of the following red flags. They have a long pre-qualification process A few pre-qualification questions are normal before a survey.
  • Their website has extremely positive reviews If it is very little on an online survey website. Along with lots of positive reviews from survey respondents, this is a sign that it is not a legitimate survey site.
  • They need tons of points to cash out Most survey companies will promise one or two dollars for each survey you do. But you will usually need to earn a certain number of points before you can cash out.
  • But if these questions continue unabated and tell you that you will not qualify once you reach the end. Then perhaps they are forcing you to participate in the survey without paying for it.

 More Examples

  • They have no privacy policy Before answering any questions about yourself online. Check to see if the survey company has a privacy policy.
  • You are actually answering questions for free Their website is not secure When you click on the website. Do you see a lockbox next to the URL in your browser?
  • They pay a lot more If a survey company offers $ 75 for a survey that only takes 15 minutes of your time, this is probably a scam.
  • Not only is our website secure, but branded surveys also have a privacy policy that clearly describes how they protect your data and information.
  • They post ads on Craigslist If you see an ad for survey respondents on Craigslist, it’s usually an email firm looking for email addresses to spam later.
  • They offer multiple opportunities to earn points beyond just taking surveys, such as taking daily polls or taking part in challenges to refer your friends.

That’s why we want you to recognize the symptoms of online survey scams so you can protect yourself from leaking important personal information.

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